Smart Hints in Connecting an LCD Projector to Your Laptop

Smart Hints in Connecting an LCD Projector to Your Laptop

LCD projector nowadays becomes quite important either for business or academic requirements. This device will be perfect to help students and business people to have more attractive presentation. Unfortunately, some people face difficulty in connecting this useful device to their laptop. If you are one of those people, you can read this article to get some hints in connecting LCD projector to your laptop easily.

Here, what you should provide is your projector device and laptop that is completed with an available 15 Pin VGA video port. Besides, you have to provide the screen or simply large white surface or wall as the replacement of the screen. To support the connection, providing USB cable will be important as well.

Then let us take a look at what you need to do in connecting the projector to the laptop. First, you need to connect one end of the connector cable to your projector and another 15 pin connector end to your laptop. Now, you are ready to turn on both of the laptop and the projector.

Check the screen whether the images, files, or any other data that you are going to show on the screen are projected well or not. If the images or files are invisible on the screen, you can press the function key and F8 key on your keyboard. Hold it until the images or files on your laptop screen are projected well to the white screen or white surface and visible.

Then, you can connect your USB cable and install the driver of the software. It helps you to make the functions of the remote control work properly so you can get easiness in operating and controlling the projector well. Now, you can start you presentation by showing your files, images, or slides on the screen.

By simply following those steps, you can take advantages of your projector to create a professional presentation. Are you ready to show your best performance?