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The Development Technology of the World According to Bill Gates

New normal is a condition where we have to get used to something new, outside the habits that have been established so far. With new habits to overcome this pandemic, you certainly cannot be separated from technology. Talking about technology, then what Bill Gates has to say about its development technology can be something to consider.

Bill Gates is a Microsoft founder who often expresses his opinion about this pandemic. He speculates that the world will really only be “normal” again if a vaccine is available on a global scale. But after all, the world will be completely different from before. Then, what is Bill Gates’ opinion about the development technology world?

Various Opinions from Bill Gates about Development Technology in the New Normal Era that You Should Know

There are so many opinions and information that Bill Gates gave to netizens in the world about this. The opinion of Bill Gates, which was accompanied by Steve Brown, really attracted the attention of the world, especially technology. If points were made, what he said, among others, was as follows:

There is a strengthening of global institutions and also the development technology of health care systems

Global institutions such as WHO really need strengthening in this critical time. In addition, the health care system is no less important. Of course the various technologies that exist for this health care system must be improved so that it can deal with everything quickly and swiftly.

Application of a very flexible industry 4.0 approach in factories

Technology in the new normal must be flexible. It is used to make the industry able to compete globally. Not only that, this also needs to be done to make the delivery of various equipment quickly especially in critical situations like this.

With what he said, it can be seen that the industrial revolution 4.0 will be very useful. Not only that, the revolution is also required to be flexible in the present. Yet if you remember, actually this is also a new thing.

Development of six technologies

There are six technologies that will greatly develop during this time of living an ordinary life during this new normal. The development of these six technologies include:

  • Artificial intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence )
  • Autonomous machine
  • 5G Network
  • Sensory
  • Augmented reality
  • Satellite

The six technologies will then combine and create a spectacular product and service. Not only that, its existence will help revolutionize the business, improve human performance, and also provide services to customers in a completely new way.

With the development of technology above, humans can survive. Humans will be able to be flexible, innovative, and strong creatures. What Bill Gates said about technology in the new normal made us all aware that we will be able to survive with the help of innovated technology.…

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Tips to Prevent Spam Comments on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media that is loved by many people. Along with its popularity, many spam accounts are spreading disturbing comments.


The spam account usually comments on a photo or video uploaded by a user with multiple followers or programmes. However, ordinary users’ accounts are also subject to spam messages.

If you include those who often get spam messages, there are some simple steps to overcome them. Here are tips to avoid spam messages on Instagram:

Close Comments Feature

Did your account ever get the comment from an Instagram account that sells and offers the weird product? If the answer is “yes” then you can handle it by closing the comment column feature. There are two ways to close the comment field on new and old uploads.

New upload: While on the page to give captions, scroll down until you find the Advanced Settings or Advanced Settings option. Then select Turn Off Comment.

Old uploads: Select the uploads you want to have commented on closed, then click the three-dot icon at the top right. Then select Turn Off Comment.

Restrict Accounts That Can See Uploads

The second way to counter all kinds of spam is to make uploads accessible only to those closest to you. The steps are simple enough to enable Share With Close Friends when you want to share photos or videos.

You can select your closest friends by going to Options. Then look for Edit Your Close Friends List, type their Instagram name or username. Unfortunately, this only applies to photos or videos that you just want to upload and cannot for old uploads.

Block and Report Spam Spread Account

If you ever find spammers account, you should block it and report it to Instagram. This is done so that the account cannot be spamming in your Instagram uploads.

This Block or Report feature can be accessed by opening the spam account first. Then select the three-dot icon at the top of their account profile. Then the option will appear to block and report the account.

Do not Use Follower and Like Enhancement Services

Services to add more follower and like on Instagram. However, do not even use such a service.

Your Instagram account will automatically like uploading someone you do not know without permission first. This will also happen on your Instagram follow account feature.

To stop this annoying activity, you must change Instagram account password first.

Lock Your Profile

The last way to be more secure from spam attacks. Locking the Instagram alias account makes it a Private Account. To enable it, you must go to Options, then scroll down until you meet the Private Account option, then activate it.

Hopefully, these simple tips can make your Instagram account protected from spam messages. Good luck!…

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Powerful Tips to Avoid Overheat Smartphones

Currently almost all the activities we do rely on smartphones. Although dependence on technology can sometimes bring adverse effects. But if used as necessary and indeed can facilitate the work we do would not be a problem. The problem may be because many of our activities that require the services of smartphones. We always use it at all times until the smartphone overheat.


Indeed today many smartphones are more resistant to intense use. However, in some conditions overheat may still occur. If too often used until very hot, will certainly reduce the age and reduce its performance slowly. Consider some of the following ways that can avoid your smartphone from overheat.

Keep in the Right Place

Though it sounds trivial, storing a smartphone is actually very influential in this regard. The narrow and airtight place like a pocket or wallet pocket can also cause the smartphone to overheat. Especially if the smartphone is connected to the internet and process something. It’s a good idea to keep your smartphone in a wider place and still exposed to a little air.

Avoid Smartphone Usage in the Sun

The heat generated by the smartphone is not just from processing inside it, it could be from the outside. Suppose you are outdoors with the sun shining. Try not to play the smartphone in that condition. Because it will increase the heat of the smartphone and can affect its performance. Better to go first into a colder room.

Do not Use when you’re Charging

This point must often you do, either because bored or so happy to be new acquaintances. The smartphone you are charging tends to generate heat in the battery. If you use it will generate additional heat and the result can be overheated smartphone. In addition to damage due to overheating, your smartphone battery can also quickly drop. It’s good to turn off the smartphone when you are the charger. At least use airplane mode and place it on a cold surface like a tile.

Note Application Use in your Smartphones

Smartphones always make the process when you use an app. If this running app is heavy enough to burden the processor, it will certainly generate heat. If the application is still you let it run behind the screen, it will certainly make the smartphone performance increases and make the battery more wasteful. For that try not to let heavy applications continue to run behind the scenes. Then it’s good to also reboot every few days to refresh your smartphone.

Notice the Signal Condition

Smartphone users today rely heavily on internet connection. Because most of the smartphone users prefer chatting rather than SMS. Well, the good internet is that has a stable signal because it will not burden the smartphone. This is what will cause the smartphone faster heat and more wasteful battery. So note the signal conditions of the provider you are using.

Release Case if Needed

Smartphones using the touch screen are certainly more vulnerable. Especially when many vendors are designing the body with very beautiful. It’s a pity if scratched and blisters, that’s why many people use cases. But in a case condition can cause the smartphone overheat. For example when your signal is unstable or during heavy gameplay. At times like this better off your case for the smartphone to get air.

Note the Smartphone Specifications

Every smartphone must have advantages and disadvantages. It’s good you see reviews of people who have bought the smartphone you want. This is to ensure that the smartphone suits your needs.

Notice these things on your Smartphone┬ánot to overheat quickly. Because it can cause damage to your smartphone.…

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The Rise of Lenovo

The Rise of Lenovo

Lenovo is a company of Chinese origin that started out in 1984. It branched out from the technology unit of the Chinese Academy of Science. During its initial years it didn’t produce any computers, what the company did was to resell and distribute foreign made computers in China. As the company slowly grew it finally began to produce its own computers in 1990. In just 7 years time by 1997, the company soon became the number one computer manufacturer in China.

Entering the World Market

Lenovo soon set its eyes on the world market. In order for them to succeed they needed a well known brand to assist them. They acquired IBM’s computer division at a price of $1.25 billion to boost their global presence. With IBM’s famous ThinkPad line of computers now under Lenovo leadership, the company now had a wide customer base throughout the world.

Even though Lenovo acquired IBM it did not rely solely on its popularity. The best marketing campaign Lenovo did for brand recognition was to sponsor the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. This made a lot of people all over the world notice the Lenovo brand and its products.

Lenovo Products

Lenovo is now one of the worlds top computer manufacturers and has numerous computer lines available for its customers. The various choices available would ensure that there would be a product that would fit your needs. Here is the latest product offering of Lenovo.

Laptop and Netbook

Value Line: These laptops are for the budget conscious individual.

IdeaPad: These include the popular netbooks.

ThinkPad: These laptops are best suited for businessmen who need powerful models. This line is the best in mobile computing.


IdeaCentre: These desktops are affordable yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.

ThinkCentre: Best desktop line for your business.

Value Line: These desktops are for the budget conscious individual who wants more value for their money.


ThinkPad: Mobile workstations that are powerful and best used by scientists, photographers or professionals who need that extra power in their computing.

ThinkStation: These desktops can easily handle 2D or 3D designs. Designers who use applications that require lots of computation or processing power would love to use this desktop.


ThinkServer: Every business has a central computer that controls other computers, This server can easily handle any size of network you may have.

Aside from these computers, Lenovo also carries accessories and other peripherals related to computers. These include monitors, batteries, and adapters.

Once you purchase a Lenovo product you are assured that what you get is the best product there is. The products usually have a warranty of 1 year from time of purchase. The support staff at Lenovo are available to assist you 24 hours a day if ever you have a problem. The after sales support that you get from Lenovo is second to none, this is why a lot of its customers love using their products.…

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What Is Computer Hardware?

What Is Computer Hardware?

In a computing context, the term ‘hardware’ refers to the electrical parts and components inside a computer system which power it. The operating system (such as Windows 7) and other software (for example Firefox) are then installed upon – and make use of – the hardware parts and components.

One type of hardware is a Hard Drive. This component stores data on a permanent basis (i.e. after the computer is turned off). Examples of data stored would include the operating system, software, pictures, music and other files.

Another example of hardware would be the Central Processing Unit – also known as the CPU or the processor. This is the ‘brains’ of a computer system in that it’s responsible for carrying out all the instructions and computations for the system.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is another hardware component. The RAM temporarily stores data generated by the computer, and once the system is switched off the data in the RAM is erased (unlike data in a Hard Drive). For example, if you are typing a letter up but you have not saved it yet, the letter data would be stored in the RAM. Then when you save the document, it would be saved in a more permanent manner to the Hard Drive.

There are just three types of computer hardware parts. Other common components include the following:

Motherboard – This is the large rectangular component which all the other pieces of hardware connect to. This is where its name is derived from (i.e. the mother board).

Power Supply Unit (PSU) – This supplies power to the various hardware components. It gets its power as AC (alternating current) power from a mains wall socket, and converts it to lower voltage DC (direct current) power which can then be distributed to the hardware components in a safe manner.

Optical Disk Drive – You can insert CDs and DVDs into this for them to be used by the computer system.

Graphics Card – This is a relatively powerful component which generated and outputs graphics to the computer monitor. This isn’t required in a system, although all gaming computers have one.

Sound Card – This generates and outputs digital sound (audio). Like graphics cards, not all computers have these although systems which are built with audio creation and manipulation in mind will usually have one.

Case – This isn’t hardware per se. It does, however, house all the above computer components and it comes with a power/reset button, USB inputs and more.…

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Compare Digital Projectors – Tips on Purchasing

Compare Digital Projectors – Tips on Purchasing

When you take the time to compare digital projectors, you are more likely to have a positive buying experience. You will want to consider a wide variety of factors that will make it easier for you to select the right model, such as the contemplating the purchase of a 720p home theater projector, 1080p home theater projector, HDMI home theater projector and much more.

Projection Size

You will need to determine how large the projection image will be. Depending on the size of your room, you may have certain constraints that you will need to work with. As a result, you will need to know the model’s image size.


Many individuals have an array of electronics that they would like to use with their projector. This can include an MP3 player, gaming system, laptop and more. Having the ability to sync your devices to your unit is a convenient and often necessary feature. When you have a compatible unit, you can save money on the purchase of unnecessary equipment.


The resolution of your device is important in order to have an HD viewing experience. You will want to consider the purchase of a 720p home theater projector or a 1080p theater projector for the best image quality because these models provide smaller pixels for a clear, crisp image. You will find that cost is a driving factor when you compare digital projectors for resolution.

Contrast Ratio

Having clear blacks and whites is the result of your contrast ratio. Many traditional television sets cannot deliver the exceptional image that is offered by projectors in regards to high contrast ratios. Seeing a clear distinction between objects is important.

HDMI Input

All of the latest electronic devices that would be plugged into a projector require an HDMI input, which is why you should look into an HDMI home theater projector. By purchasing the latest in technology, you will reduce the chances of having to update your equipment too early, which saves you money.


The brightness of the unit’s image is based on its lumens; more lumens make the picture clearer. This is a great advantage for any room that is not kept dark at all times. This means that even with a light source on in the room, the projector can still provide an excellent image. To compare digital projectors properly, it is important to research your preferences and needs.…

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Stewart Projector Screen – Is a Stewart the Best Projection Screen For Home Theater?

Stewart Projector Screen – Is a Stewart the Best Projection Screen For Home Theater?

The Stewart projection screen brand is recognized as being perhaps the best projection screen available for a home theater. The Stewart brand, especially the Firehawk projector screens have been recognized by home theater enthusiasts for being at the pinnacle of projection screen perfection. Stewart screens are available as both front and rear projection screens.

You have decided to build the ultimate home theater. You only want the best components so you decide to order a state of the art projector screen. This is where a Stewart screen such as a CineCurve comes in, and you will need a quality screen like this to get the most out of your projector. If you are looking to get the most out of your projector you cannot go wrong with a Stewart display.

Here Are Some Advantages Of A Stewart Projection Screen

The best projectors are extremely powerful, projecting against a white wall or a cheap matte white screen pretty much guarantees that you will not be able to get the best possible picture. The reason for this is that a better projector produces brighter images, and in order to get the best possible contrast ratio you will want to go with a grey screen, the projector screen material used in a display such as a Stewart CineCurve will enable darker blacks while the power of the projector, and the special reflective surface of the screen produces bright colors despite the darker screen color.

Another advantage of having a Stewart screen as opposed to some sort of white cheap projection screen is that it will be less sensitive to ambient light. You will not need to be frustrated if a little bit of light peaks in which can easily ruin the viewing experience with a cheap display.

Stewart projector screens are used in many large theaters, and this is further proof of the high quality of this screen. In a large theater there is almost always some sort of ambient light to deal with, and these screens are able to handle it. This is the level of projection video projection screen technology that you could have in your own home theater.

The Only Real Disadvantage

The only real disadvantage of a Stewart projector screen is that for this level of quality you must be willing to pay a premium projector screen price. This is not a cheap projector screen. If you decide that you would prefer to get the most for your money, a Draper or Carada screen could be a better choice. Something to remember however, is that you will not need to upgrade this screen if you go for a more powerful projector, however to get the most out of a cheaper display you may have to.…

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How to Incorporate Audiovisuals With a Rental Projector

How to Incorporate Audiovisuals With a Rental Projector

Are you planning an upcoming event that involves a presentation? You can create an even greater impact and more lasting impression with proper audiovisual usage including a rental projector.

Audiovisuals make it far easier for your audience to retain information you’re sharing, to participate, and to fully comprehend your material, but improper use of AV support can be just as detrimental as none whatsoever.

The key is for your audio visuals to enhance your presentation, as opposed to detracting from your material. Use the following tips to ensure proper usage for maximum efficacy:

– Use a slide or single image graphic to reinforce a main point or key takeaway item.

– Think about what kind of visual will best support your key point. In many cases, a slide show presentation with a rental projector is the easiest way to accomplish this. At other times, props or a group exercise may be most effective to drive home a specific point. Additionally, handouts and flyers can reinforce what information you’re presenting on each slide, as well as providing a tangible representation to increase retention of the information.

– Ensure that your visuals enhance and support your objective. Use slides to clarify, expand upon, reiterate, or reinforce key material.

– Be sure to use your audio visuals only when covering that relevant point. For example, don’t let a slide remain visible when you’re moving on to a different topic. Show the visual when it’s needed, and hide it or activate a screen saver when it’s not needed.

– Audio visuals can also be used effectively for signage and direction. Be sure to have a second set of eyes evaluate sign placement, to ensure maximum effectiveness and clear guidance.

– Practice with your slide show. Allow the projector to fit naturally with your presentation, as it would be highly distracting if you are fumbling with your equipment.

– Test your equipment fully. Become very familiar with the equipment so you can use it properly. Ensure proper image display size, focus and distance, and eliminate any distortion either by properly positioning the projector, or by using the projector’s built-in automated features.

If you follow these easy instructions, you will be able to effortlessly and seamlessly incorporate audio visual support properly into any presentation. This can help you close more sales, make a bigger impact, or help your employees retain more information during company training. The more you practice proper use of audiovisuals, the better your presentations will become.…

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Sony PlayStation 3 Console – Experience the Fourth Generation Now

Sony PlayStation 3 Console – Experience the Fourth Generation Now

Looking for a super easy set up game console while enjoying stunning graphics? Then, the Sony PlayStation 3 Console is just what you need. This is the fourth generation of its kind and many consumers who have enjoyed the Xbox, are saying that compared to the PlayStation 3 there is just NO comparison. With this game console be ready to get of a great ride that you will have a hard time to put down. This new 160GB was built with new mix multimedia features and functions that are bringing this generation entertainment device to a new level.

Here are some of the great features of this game console:

You will enjoy a full HD experience due to 128-bit pixel precision and 1080p resolution that will make your eye wide open in amazement. You will benefit from a cross connectivity with your PC network and PlayStation with pre-installed 160GB hard disc drive which allows you to save games and download content from the internet.

You will also be able to enjoy the great capacity to combine the power of the system’s processor and graphic cards for endless multimedia content besides the high quality games. This PlayStation includes BD live support allowing you to play discs that support Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0, making you connected to the internet while playing. What is more is that this game console supports CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM and DVD+R formats.

What about the controller?

This is an out of this world controller which provides the most intuitive play experience with pressure sensors and highly sensitive motion sensing technology. Full vibration sensations like you are right there. This new generation is a slimmer and lighter system with internet built-in Wi-Fi, 2 USB port and HDMI.

What’s included in your package?

Bravia Synch

Dualshock 3 wireless controller

AC power cord, AV and USB cables

Free PlayStation Network membership

960 rich, immersive games

Over 70 of your favorite movies

27,400 songs for you to rock out to

More than 19,000 photos capturing your most cherished memories…

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Fashions 2010 – Creative Shapes in Cabinet Knobs

Fashions 2010 – Creative Shapes in Cabinet Knobs

Is it about time the cabinetry in your home gets a makeover? For many people, it’s been a while since their house has had a re-model done to it. This means some parts of your home may be starting to show their age a little more than others. One of the most common places that age is shown in the home is in cabinetry. The reason for this is pretty simple. That cabinetry gets a lot of use. Think of all the times that there are hands on the cabinets and handles, children leaning on them, hanging on the doors and other such activities.

This means your cabinets probably need a little love. This is why every year with your spring cleaning you should take the time to check the cabinetry. See how well everything is staying in place. Are there loose handles and cabinet knobs? Or even the doors coming loose? Are some of those handles and knobs wearing out? Well it’s time to make an action plan to fix up your cabinets and even make them a little more stylish while you’re at it.

First things first. You need to take the time to clean up your cabinets. Start by literally giving them a good cleaning, inside and out. Next, any of the hardware on doors and shelves that you found loose should be tightened up as well. Now it’s time to decide what you want them to look like.

Do you like the current color of your cabinets? If not, this is the perfect time to make a change. If you’d like a different finish on the wood or a different color of paint, decide on that now. Then decide on what hardware you want to go with them. This is where you can have a little fun. One of this year’s fashion trends is to have things that are unique in shape in your home. Most people just think this means an oddly shaped table or a chair. But, what better way to do this than with your cabinet hardware. Think of how interesting it would look to get rid of those plain round knobs and instead have knobs in a crescent shape, zigzag shape or other unique design. They will really make your cabinetry stand out.

Now you may be wondering, where exactly can I find unique shaped cabinet knobs? Believe it or not, you’ll have less of a problem with this than you think. There are all sorts of fun and unique shapes on the market when it comes to hardware for cabinets in the home. It seems that the “variety is the spice of life” adage holds true when it comes to cabinet hardware. So, you won’t have any trouble finding unique designs. The trouble you may have, as a matter of fact, is deciding on which design is best for your cabinets. Look around and see what other design elements are at play in the room and you may be surprised how easy it is to choose some that will fit your decor.…