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The Development Technology of the World According to Bill Gates

New normal is a condition where we have to get used to something new, outside the habits that have been established so far. With new habits to overcome this pandemic, you certainly cannot be separated from technology. Talking about technology, then what Bill Gates has to say about its development technology can be something to consider.

Bill Gates is a Microsoft founder who often expresses his opinion about this pandemic. He speculates that the world will really only be “normal” again if a vaccine is available on a global scale. But after all, the world will be completely different from before. Then, what is Bill Gates’ opinion about the development technology world?

Various Opinions from Bill Gates about Development Technology in the New Normal Era that You Should Know

There are so many opinions and information that Bill Gates gave to netizens in the world about this. The opinion of Bill Gates, which was accompanied by Steve Brown, really attracted the attention of the world, especially technology. If points were made, what he said, among others, was as follows:

There is a strengthening of global institutions and also the development technology of health care systems

Global institutions such as WHO really need strengthening in this critical time. In addition, the health care system is no less important. Of course the various technologies that exist for this health care system must be improved so that it can deal with everything quickly and swiftly.

Application of a very flexible industry 4.0 approach in factories

Technology in the new normal must be flexible. It is used to make the industry able to compete globally. Not only that, this also needs to be done to make the delivery of various equipment quickly especially in critical situations like this.

With what he said, it can be seen that the industrial revolution 4.0 will be very useful. Not only that, the revolution is also required to be flexible in the present. Yet if you remember, actually this is also a new thing.

Development of six technologies

There are six technologies that will greatly develop during this time of living an ordinary life during this new normal. The development of these six technologies include:

  • Artificial intelligence ( Artificial Intelligence )
  • Autonomous machine
  • 5G Network
  • Sensory
  • Augmented reality
  • Satellite

The six technologies will then combine and create a spectacular product and service. Not only that, its existence will help revolutionize the business, improve human performance, and also provide services to customers in a completely new way.

With the development of technology above, humans can survive. Humans will be able to be flexible, innovative, and strong creatures. What Bill Gates said about technology in the new normal made us all aware that we will be able to survive with the help of innovated technology.…

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Tips to Prevent Spam Comments on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media that is loved by many people. Along with its popularity, many spam accounts are spreading disturbing comments.


The spam account usually comments on a photo or video uploaded by a user with multiple followers or programmes. However, ordinary users’ accounts are also subject to spam messages.

If you include those who often get spam messages, there are some simple steps to overcome them. Here are tips to avoid spam messages on Instagram:

Close Comments Feature

Did your account ever get the comment from an Instagram account that sells and offers the weird product? If the answer is “yes” then you can handle it by closing the comment column feature. There are two ways to close the comment field on new and old uploads.

New upload: While on the page to give captions, scroll down until you find the Advanced Settings or Advanced Settings option. Then select Turn Off Comment.

Old uploads: Select the uploads you want to have commented on closed, then click the three-dot icon at the top right. Then select Turn Off Comment.

Restrict Accounts That Can See Uploads

The second way to counter all kinds of spam is to make uploads accessible only to those closest to you. The steps are simple enough to enable Share With Close Friends when you want to share photos or videos.

You can select your closest friends by going to Options. Then look for Edit Your Close Friends List, type their Instagram name or username. Unfortunately, this only applies to photos or videos that you just want to upload and cannot for old uploads.

Block and Report Spam Spread Account

If you ever find spammers account, you should block it and report it to Instagram. This is done so that the account cannot be spamming in your Instagram uploads.

This Block or Report feature can be accessed by opening the spam account first. Then select the three-dot icon at the top of their account profile. Then the option will appear to block and report the account.

Do not Use Follower and Like Enhancement Services

Services to add more follower and like on Instagram. However, do not even use such a service.

Your Instagram account will automatically like uploading someone you do not know without permission first. This will also happen on your Instagram follow account feature.

To stop this annoying activity, you must change Instagram account password first.

Lock Your Profile

The last way to be more secure from spam attacks. Locking the Instagram alias account makes it a Private Account. To enable it, you must go to Options, then scroll down until you meet the Private Account option, then activate it.

Hopefully, these simple tips can make your Instagram account protected from spam messages. Good luck!…

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Powerful Tips to Avoid Overheat Smartphones

Currently almost all the activities we do rely on smartphones. Although dependence on technology can sometimes bring adverse effects. But if used as necessary and indeed can facilitate the work we do would not be a problem. The problem may be because many of our activities that require the services of smartphones. We always use it at all times until the smartphone overheat.


Indeed today many smartphones are more resistant to intense use. However, in some conditions overheat may still occur. If too often used until very hot, will certainly reduce the age and reduce its performance slowly. Consider some of the following ways that can avoid your smartphone from overheat.

Keep in the Right Place

Though it sounds trivial, storing a smartphone is actually very influential in this regard. The narrow and airtight place like a pocket or wallet pocket can also cause the smartphone to overheat. Especially if the smartphone is connected to the internet and process something. It’s a good idea to keep your smartphone in a wider place and still exposed to a little air.

Avoid Smartphone Usage in the Sun

The heat generated by the smartphone is not just from processing inside it, it could be from the outside. Suppose you are outdoors with the sun shining. Try not to play the smartphone in that condition. Because it will increase the heat of the smartphone and can affect its performance. Better to go first into a colder room.

Do not Use when you’re Charging

This point must often you do, either because bored or so happy to be new acquaintances. The smartphone you are charging tends to generate heat in the battery. If you use it will generate additional heat and the result can be overheated smartphone. In addition to damage due to overheating, your smartphone battery can also quickly drop. It’s good to turn off the smartphone when you are the charger. At least use airplane mode and place it on a cold surface like a tile.

Note Application Use in your Smartphones

Smartphones always make the process when you use an app. If this running app is heavy enough to burden the processor, it will certainly generate heat. If the application is still you let it run behind the screen, it will certainly make the smartphone performance increases and make the battery more wasteful. For that try not to let heavy applications continue to run behind the scenes. Then it’s good to also reboot every few days to refresh your smartphone.

Notice the Signal Condition

Smartphone users today rely heavily on internet connection. Because most of the smartphone users prefer chatting rather than SMS. Well, the good internet is that has a stable signal because it will not burden the smartphone. This is what will cause the smartphone faster heat and more wasteful battery. So note the signal conditions of the provider you are using.

Release Case if Needed

Smartphones using the touch screen are certainly more vulnerable. Especially when many vendors are designing the body with very beautiful. It’s a pity if scratched and blisters, that’s why many people use cases. But in a case condition can cause the smartphone overheat. For example when your signal is unstable or during heavy gameplay. At times like this better off your case for the smartphone to get air.

Note the Smartphone Specifications

Every smartphone must have advantages and disadvantages. It’s good you see reviews of people who have bought the smartphone you want. This is to ensure that the smartphone suits your needs.

Notice these things on your Smartphone┬ánot to overheat quickly. Because it can cause damage to your smartphone.…

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Getting Good Aerial Installation

Getting Good Aerial Installation

Television viewing has progressed by light years from where it first began. Despite this the popularity of aerial installations that provide clear TV reception has remained strong. It is also the least expensive means of entertainment a family can have. And such options are great for the masses.

When you are looking for reliable aerial installation Sydney you will have to look for one that has great technological capabilities and whose service don’t dent your wallet. You have to be aware of the several corporations out there who are more interested in your money than they are in providing you uninterrupted services. It is best that you are aware of all the services that are due to when you call an aerial installation company home. This is the best way to ensure good service.

Here are some of the important things that you need to look into before you make your choice of aerial installation companies. Take a look at the staff of the company you are approaching. They need to be specialized and experienced. They should also be up to date with all the developments that have taken place in the field. Such companies alone will be in a better position to provide you with solutions.

Companies that have conducted background checks on their employees, shows the extent to which they care about their customers. Companies that have done so will announce that loud and clear. You are better off selecting such companies such the engineers will gain access to most parts of your home. Such checks also ensure that the experience of the engineers is impeccable and thus the service you get will be of top quality. Another way to get such engineers is to ask around with friends and family. Narrow your search on the basis of recommendations.

Look for aerial installation companies that provide a guarantee on the work they do for you. There are times, right after installation when the reception you get is not clear or the aerial may prove faulty. Such warranties will ensure that it is taken care of at the earliest and without an extra cost. It’s best to steer clear from companies that refuse to guarantee their work.

With these points in mind you are bound to be able to get good installation work done as well as service at a later stage.…

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Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet

I recently remodeled my kitchen and had a great experience in researching for the best suitable product for me. I started with making slight changes to my kitchen cabinets like, changing kitchen cabinet doors or other cabinet hardware but the research and browsing through different things about refurnishing kitchen made me pretty passionate about this job and I developed interest in it. So I ended up replacing all my, kitchen cabinet doors, cabinet knobs and every hardware, my family started calling me geek for it but it was a fun to do it.

So when I decided to redo my entire cabinet section, the first choice that I had to make was whether to choose unfinished or finished one, I started looking for clues and ideas about both types and decided to go for an unfinished kitchen cabinet, because unfinished kitchen cabinets gave me freedom to customize my cabinets according to my choices, I didn’t have to choose from a predefined designs, styles or color, It gave me opportunity to make my own designs, styles with my desired colors while finished cabinets didn’t give me this freedom. When I got up to the cabinet dealer he told me that people usually prefer unfinished cabinets due to same reasons.

So started with thinking of a design, style and color that suited with my apartment’s space and environment, I referred many catalogues and internet for inspiration and finally came up with a design, it was not something very modern looking, my design was more like an old classic English cabinets, with a sleek stylish look, I added some gloss coatings to give it a shiny look and asked my cabinet dealer for the best wood for my cabinets, he gave me a choice between Birch, Alder, Cedar, Para wood or ash, I went with Para wood because it gave my design a more mature look and Para wood was also suitable for the humidity and weather conditions of my location, next thing that I had to do was take measurements according to kitchens available space and the amount of cabinet space that I needed for my dishes and accessories, it took me a day for this work, I gave all the descriptions and measurements to my dealer.

I got my cabinets one week later and it was as good as I thought they would be and I thanked myself for choosing unfinished cabinets.…

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Smart Hints in Connecting an LCD Projector to Your Laptop

Smart Hints in Connecting an LCD Projector to Your Laptop

LCD projector nowadays becomes quite important either for business or academic requirements. This device will be perfect to help students and business people to have more attractive presentation. Unfortunately, some people face difficulty in connecting this useful device to their laptop. If you are one of those people, you can read this article to get some hints in connecting LCD projector to your laptop easily.

Here, what you should provide is your projector device and laptop that is completed with an available 15 Pin VGA video port. Besides, you have to provide the screen or simply large white surface or wall as the replacement of the screen. To support the connection, providing USB cable will be important as well.

Then let us take a look at what you need to do in connecting the projector to the laptop. First, you need to connect one end of the connector cable to your projector and another 15 pin connector end to your laptop. Now, you are ready to turn on both of the laptop and the projector.

Check the screen whether the images, files, or any other data that you are going to show on the screen are projected well or not. If the images or files are invisible on the screen, you can press the function key and F8 key on your keyboard. Hold it until the images or files on your laptop screen are projected well to the white screen or white surface and visible.

Then, you can connect your USB cable and install the driver of the software. It helps you to make the functions of the remote control work properly so you can get easiness in operating and controlling the projector well. Now, you can start you presentation by showing your files, images, or slides on the screen.

By simply following those steps, you can take advantages of your projector to create a professional presentation. Are you ready to show your best performance?…

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Fire Escape Hardware for Quick Evacuation

Fire Escape Hardware for Quick Evacuation

Fires will destroy everything in its path and can have devastating affects to peoples lives, especially if lives are taken. Fires mature extremely fast, which means they can be hard to put out if quick action is not taken. Fires will trigger when sufficient levels of oxygen, heat and fuel exist simultaneously. House fires claim more than 500 lives a year. The majority of these fires often start between the hours of midnight and six in the morning. This is usually the times when people are sleeping. It can be hard to wake up during a fire as your sense of smell decreases and it is hard to smell anything at all. It is important that public buildings and home owners have enough fire escape hardware, especially public buildings as high proportions of people could potentially be within these buildings.

Safety is an important factor in our lives. Any commercial or public buildings such as schools, hospitals and work buildings must have sufficient fire protection. Fire exit hardware is vitally important within today’s society. There should be enough fire exits within a building, to provide safe exit routes for the number of people who could be using the building. Fire exits must lead to the most direct and safe route out. It is important that there is an exit route from every room so no one becomes trapped by a fire. Fire exits should have the correct signage and they must be easily visible. The door signs usually state that it is a fire exit and that the doors should never be blocked. The signs may also state never to open them unless there is a fire. These signs are usually made out of glow in the dark material, so that they can still be located in the case of power failure. It is important that regulations are followed when installing fire doors. Many companies supply fire exit hardware, however you should ensure that the fire exit hardware you are going to purchase complies with the latest standards.

Fire extinguishers are a common fire prevention tool found in public buildings and sometimes in homes. Fire extinguishers should ideally be placed where they are easily accessible, so quite low and somewhere where there is no obstructions to it. This could mean the difference from being able to prevent a fire or the fire spreading. Fire extinguishers tell you exactly how to maintain them on the manufacturers instructions. Fire extinguishers should be annually serviced with no exceptions. If a fire extinguisher is let off or used, then it will need to be recharged before use.

Fire escape hardware could mean the difference between you living or dying. Fire alarms are highly rated and should especially be situated in homes as this may be your only wake up call. The quicker you are alerted of a fire then the more chance you have of getting out. Your fire alarms should ideally be tested daily. Its not only injury and death which affects people from fires, but emotional and physical scaring can also be caused to. Fires will ruin everything they reach, which can make it even more difficult to cope with after a house fire. All belongings and memories such as photographs, furniture and technology will be destroyed. Rebuilding what has been lost is a long process. Insurance payouts can replace the luxuries of life but cannot return the lives of lost loved ones and the memories.…

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US and Japan in the Tech Mix

US and Japan in the Tech Mix

The glittering electronics displays in Tokyo’s Akihabara district provides the backdrop to one of the world’s most highly evolved technology sectors. The massive logos of Sony, Fujitsu, and a legion of other Japanese tech companies are displayed colorfully across the city streets. This is the imagery that many Americans have become accustomed to when picturing Japan from the outside. They think of the high-tech world that the Japanese are famous for, constantly innovating in both practical and un-conventional arenas.

Today, as the global economy further intertwines, the US and Japanese technology sectors have become curiously symbiotic. We often see new technologies hitting the Japanese market first, and if successful, making its way to American consumers. U.S. software and hardware also often finds its way into Akihabara storefront displays after a successful domestic debut. Although this two-way tech channel often works out in the favor of both markets, it sometimes proves difficult for each country’s technology to penetrate the complex cultural and economic barriers.

I’d like to take an opportunity to examine several recent examples of successful and unsuccessful cross-pollination between the Japanese and American technology industries. If I leave anything out, feel free to chirp in with your own comments!

Prius: The Toyota Prius provides an incredible story of a product that perhaps will end up doing better in a foreign market than it did in its originator country. Especially in California and the tech-hotbed of Silicon Valley, the Prius has become a symbol of Eco-conscious living, cutting edge technology and youthful thinking.

Just take a drive to Google’s Mountain View campus, where dozens of Prius cars are plugged into designated ‘charge’ spots. Even Sergey Brin, one of the search giant’s founders, drives a Prius. This is an example of a technology making the overseas transition with fluidity and efficiency.

iPhone: The iPhone is a prime example of a genius product that has sold like hotcakes in the US and Europe, but failed to crack the Japanese market. Many attribute the iPhone’s poor sales to the Japanese consumer’s selectivity in mobile phone choice.

Japan is often pushing the mobile boundaries with high-tech video and voice features that the iPhone lacks. The iPhone also is a high-price monthly option compared to many of the other Japanese carriers.

Facebook: Facebook is example of something lost in translation between Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Japan’s most popular social network remains Mixi, which holds over 80% of Japanese social network users. Although Facebook was able to gain a large portion of European users, Japanese social networkers remain loyal to similar previously standing sites.

There are a number of complex cultural differences that also make Facebook a bad option for Japanese users. For example, many Japanese prefer to register an online account under a pseudonym or nick-name, rather than a real first and last name as Facebook requires.

Cisco Hardware: Cisco Systems, the Silicon Valley network hardware giant, has made leaps and bounds in providing network infrastructure solutions for Japanese companies. Over the past several years, Cisco has steadily been expanding in the Japanese high tech arenas through video collaboration and unified computing solutions. Japanese companies are fast adopting Cisco’s new ‘Solution-Centric’ distribution model that will accelerate their ability for network use through integrated cisco hardware.

If Cisco continues on its current path in Japan, it will definitely prove to be a US – Japanese technology.…

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Panasonic PT-AE3000U Review

Panasonic PT-AE3000U Review

The Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector is simply perfect. Right off the bat I can tell you this much, if you can afford it, this projector has proven time and time again that it is well worth the cost. If you want an HD 1080p projector packed full of special features so that you can have the ultimate home theater system, this projector will meet your needs nicely.

Apart from the intense crystal clear picture thanks mostly to the incredible black and colour levels, there are other features that you won’t find on many projectors. There were three that really stood out for me when I was reviewing the projector’s image. The first feature I was quite impressed with was the frame interpolation. Occasionally when you use a projector, you can notice a slight motion blur. The frame interpolation combats this by inserting three additional frames for every one frame that is used on a blue-ray disc. So instead of the original frame rate for the movie (which is generally 24 fps), the frame rate is boosted to 96fps. Since I’m a die-hard fan for tennis, this has remarkably improved the picture as the new frames can anticipate better where the object is going to fall.

The second feature I’m absolutely crazy about is the anamorphic lens emulation capabilities. Basically, you can re-size your projector image to the full 2.35:1 screen, without any gray letterboxes you usually get when using cheaper, poorer quality projectors.

The third feature is the split screen adjust. Basically, you can split your screen and on the one side have your constant, current image and on the other the adjustable image. As you change the colour information, you can see how your picture is being affected on the adjustable image. This is perfect if you’re happy with your current setting but want to see if you can better it.

The PY-AE3000U can be used in rooms with a little light. The picture is crystal clear; however, if you use this projector in a room with windows during the daytime, it may look washed out. This can be expected as the lumens for the Panasonic PT-AE3000U is 1600. This shouldn’t put you off though. With the correct adjustments, the picture can still be perfect for watching. In a dark room with a little ambient light, the picture will still be bright and crystal clear satisfying anyone who watches it.…

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Tips on Selecting a Data Projector

Tips on Selecting a Data Projector

The data presentation is used mostly for presentations and it also can be simply hooked up to many computers. Few alternates exist for the great projector. The significant features to look for in the great data projector include the resolution, aspect ration, brightness, size, lamp types, and also the weight. Here are some easy steps for you.

For the first step, you need to pay more attention to the resolution. Commonly, the higher its resolution, the higher its price therefore this will be the key driver of value for the data projectors. In the computers, it is expressed as the number of pixels, and this will be important for you in matching the resolution of the computer systems with the resolution of your computer system. You should check manually for the compatibility requirements.

For the next step, you have to compare the brightness. It will be determined in the ANSI lumens; generally, the rating of 600 to 800 will work well with the 100 inch screen. So, you need at least 1,000 ANSI lumens once you go the anything larger that this.

After that, you need also to compare the size and also weight. You will see the trade-off between the quality of the image and also the small size. Even though they will transport simply, the small projectors will cost more and normally provide less that the great resolution and brightness. If it is your main concerns, you have to choose the larger model.

For the next step, you need also to compare the lamp types. Many projectors have the lamp life of 800 to 2,000 hours. It will depend on the model. After that, it will important for you to compare the aspect ratios for the high graphics. Many images have the aspect ratio for 4:3 that will be the ratio of the width to the height. The wider screen movie usually has an aspect ratio for 16:9. Generally, you have to choose the higher aspect ration once you plan on the supporting graphics in your presentation.…