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Why Businesses Should Use WAN Optimization in Conjunction With Network Virtualization

Why Businesses Should Use WAN Optimization in Conjunction With Network Virtualization

Looking to tap more of the bandwidth ocean? WAN optimization used in conjunction with network virtualization is the most effective solution for businesses these days. Each provide a complementary value that work together to give customers their greatest bandwidth potential. Make Skype blips, slow loading screens and bumbling Internet inactivity a thing of the past with WAN optimization and a cohesive strategy of network virtualization.

Essentially, there are two things that it does best- disk-based data de-duplication (data streamlining) and erasing the limitations of Microsoft’s CIFS protocol for file transfers. These are areas that it does not address, so no approach is complete without a mixture of the two.

At the same time, network virtualization allows businesses to tap far greater bandwidth for a significantly lower monthly cost and greater reliability than an private MPLS line or a Frame Relay WAN or simply WAN optimization by itself.

To be clear, it works wonderfully to reduce file transfer times the second or successive times a file is accessed, but when you add network virtualization, you speed up all data transfers, including first time transfers and security encrypted data.

Not only that, but it vastly improves performance with issues of loss or jitter. Network virtualization effectively hides the jitter from the devices hooked to it, so its clear for a smooth stream. WAN optimization improves average performance, whereas network virtualization improves reliability and predictability. Having both gives you the best of all worlds.

In fact, the application specific approach of WAN optimization is ideal for Microsoft’s CIFS protocol for file transfers, designed originally for the very low latencies found on LANs. Therefore, it does not work well with WANs in high latency, therefore requiring the two step approach. It adds value to the WAN optimization’s CIFS file solutions by providing flexibility in the midst of improved bandwidth flow.

Using both can vastly improve what you can do online. It makes such capacities of VoIP, video conferencing, as well as the transfer of pre-compressed or encrypted files an absolute breeze. It allows appliances to choose network paths for minimal packet loss and minimized jitter so you get the strongest connection possible.

Companies should stop asking themselves whether one or the other is really the way to go. In this age, a two step approach combining WAN optimization as well as network virtualization is the way to go. This way, we get the greatest bandwidth possible with better flexibility and lower latency. For increased bandwidth with improved reliability, combining the two technologies is essential.…

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Recessed Projection Screen FAQ – What to Ask When Buying For Your Home Theater Room

Recessed Projection Screen FAQ – What to Ask When Buying For Your Home Theater Room

A recessed projection screen could be a very nice addition to your home theater room. There are few questions that you should ask to make sure you get an appropriate display.

Is the screen surface color right for the projector placement, lighting, and viewing angle?

The most typical projector screen material coloring is matte white, this allows for a wide variety of viewing angles, unfortunately it does not make for the best handling of ambient light. Grey screens handle light better, however, they require a more powerful projector to produce the same level of brightness. You will need to check the manufacturers specifications and make sure that the screen is right for both your projector, the projector location, and the lighting in the room.

Is the surface of the projector screen easily cleanable?

One of the big downsides of diy projector screens, and some projector screens is in how easily the surface can be cleaned. Although with a recessed electric projector screen the display will typically be rolled up when not in use you will still want to make sure that the surface is easily cleanable. The best way is to check with the manufacturer, read online reviews, or search through online home theater forums.

Is there a black border made of fabric on all sides of the display?

A black border made up of light absorbent fabric will improve the picture quality. The black border increases the perceived contrast, and absorbs excess light from the edges of the projected images. Make sure that the border is made up of fabric on all sides if you want the best picture when you buy a projection screen.

Is the ratio correct for my projector?

The proper image ratio for a hd projector is 16:9. The ratio for a normal definition picture is 4:3. If the ratio of the screen is inappropriate there will be white space around the projector image. Some of the best projector screens will allow for multiple ratios. Be sure to choose the one appropriate for your projector.

Is the motor contained within the ceiling enclosure?

If the motor is not contained within the enclosure which will be in the ceiling then it will stick out. This somewhat eliminates the point of a recessed projection screen which should be nearly invisible when not in use.

Is the display tab tensioned?

Screens without tensioning can gain ripples over time. This will reduce the quality of the projected image. Tab-tensioning flattens out the screen so that it will stay flat for a longer period of time.

Is it possible to mount the casing before the rest of it?

Mounting a recessed projection screen can be a hassle. Ideally there would be a separate enclosure where the wiring can be done, and then the recessed projector screen can be easily placed within that enclosure afterwards. Otherwise you will need to hold up the entire projector screen during installation.…

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A Buyer’s Guide to Home Theatre Projectors

A Buyer’s Guide to Home Theatre Projectors

The popularity rating of projectors has seen tremendous increase in the recent past owing to their varied uses and enormous advancement in technology. While home theater projectors are used by television viewers and movie buffs, multimedia projectors are utilized to interact with audience in a better way during office meetings and presentations.

Diverse uses

Whether you are looking to put up a projector in your living room for an enjoyable home theatre experience or take it with you to a conference, a projector can serve plenty of purposes.

Watch movies and television programs: A home theatre projector can be conveniently connected to a DVD player or set top box to watch movies or your favorite television programs on a gigantic screen. It will really make the pictures come alive and leave you craving for more.

At meetings and conferences: A multimedia projector is just what you need to better interact with your audience in a meeting. The multimedia projector can be connected to a laptop and used to display pictures, lectures or PowerPoint presentations on a huge screen for a large number of people.

Multimedia projectors are smaller in size compared to a home theatre projector, which makes it easy to transfer these from one place to the other.

Projection Technologies

Most of the commonly available projectors are based on either the LCD (liquid crystal display) or DLP (digital light processing) technologies.

LCD projectors: Liquid crystal display technology based or LCD projectors have tiny LCD panels, which create bright and sharp images. LCD projectors are ideal for giving presentations in low light conditions.

DLP projectors: The DLP projectors weight a lot less than the LCD projectors as they use a single chip. The smooth video and high contrast ratio offered by DLP projectors make these perfect for use in a home theatre projector system.

Other home theatre specifications

Projector resolution: The number of pixels produced by a projector is known as its resolution. The resolution is expressed in two numbers i.e. 800X600 or 1024X768, where the first number is the horizontal pixel count while the second number connotes vertical pixels. A higher pixel count means sharper picture.

Projector lumens: The brightness, which is measured in American National Standards Institute or ANSI lumens, indicates how bright the projected images will be in a room filled with light. The more the lumen count, the brighter will be the images and the better you would be able to see it in a well lit room.

Projector contrast ratio: The projector contrast ratio indicates the difference between the darkest and brightest areas of the picture. A projector with a higher contrast ration will produce better shadow detail.

Projector weight: The projector weight, which generally ranges between 7 and 20 pounds, assumes all the more significance if the projector is being used outside home. Go for a lighter machine if you intend to move your projector from one place to another frequently.…

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Things to Consider When Setting Up Your New PC

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your New PC

What are the things that you need to consider if you want to setup a new computer? What are the things that you should be looking for once you open your brand new computer? Who should help you out when you have any difficulty on setting it up? What you should do before connecting to the internet with your newly setup computer? Those are some few questions a new computer faces once they receive their computer from the mail. This article will answer this question from a technical supports perspective.

Setting up a brand new computer should be an exciting task; after all you bought it for a reason and should be looking forward on using it. There are a couple of things you need to consider before setting up your computer. After you open the box, double check if there are any signs that the package has been tampered or has dent and damage which is a sign that the package has not been handled properly. If it has those make sure you inform the computer manufacturer as soon as possible, because chances are the computer has been damage from the inside or there are things and components that could be missing.

If the box has no damage or signs of tampering, open it and look for the check list of the items that should be included. There are occasions that a customer complains about a missing item after a couple of months because he just opened the package. This is not acceptable most of the time and a replacement might not be provided because it is the customer’s responsibility to check and report any problem as soon as possible. Beyond 30 days normally the store warranty lapses. The technical support or customer service of the computer company should be happy to help so keep those 1-800 number handy all the time.

Once all the components has been connected and installed. Remember to install all kinds of protection first before connecting to the internet. Install your antivirus and antispyware program. Make sure firewall is turned ON. The first website that you should visit is , installing the latest update will serve as an added protection to your computer, and will load optimized settings and options. If you have any question, issues about the new computer hardware that you have, try to do some research and see if you can find the answer, if not, do not hesitate to call technical support.…

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A Laptop Projector Will Strengthen Any Presentation

A Laptop Projector Will Strengthen Any Presentation

What exactly is a laptop projector and how does it differ from the technology of the past?

Well, for a start, think back to your childhood years and your days in school. You can probably remember sitting in the classroom, being lectured by a teacher who had broadcast slides through an overhead projector onto a pull down screen in the classroom. This vision defines the educational experience of many childhoods.

The slides are all gone, and the children of today are learning largely through a different device. More and more schools are beginning to feature the laptop projector as a means of broadcasting class lessons and other presentations.

Businesses are doing the same as well. The laptop projector makes it very easy for a presenter to broadcast a Powerpoint or other presentation to a large room of people.

Not only will you find laptop projectors in schools and offices, but many are opting to use these for personal reasons, as it’s a widely used accessory in home theater environments now.

Why are so many people using these devices and what are the benefits? Well, think about it. You now have a device that digitally broadcasts whatever is running from your computer screen.

The images are crystal clear and will match up with the resolution of your laptop screen, as long as the resolution of the projector screen is the same. The sound quality is excellent as well.

Classrooms can easily integrate YouTube videos and other educational multimedia, all from the computer. No longer are intricate and complicated slides needed, and teachers have the ability to make their lessons far more interactive than they’ve ever been.

Thanks to the advent of some great technology, laptop projectors continue to improve by the year. Crystal clear HD movies are enjoyed via these devices, which should say it all about the quality of the sound and images they’re projecting.…

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Home Theater Projector TV – Advantages of Ownership

Home Theater Projector TV – Advantages of Ownership

Consumers purchase a home theater projector TV because it provides an enjoyable viewing experience. Through its size and exceptional picture quality, a viewer can feel as though they are in a real movie theater, without the added expense of a movie ticket or the noise of other moviegoers. These benefits, as well as others, are the source for a significant rise in demand for a video projector TV.

Easy to Install

A projector is portable and practical — it can be used in almost any room and is easy to set up. You will be able to sit back and relax while you watch your favorite programs, movies and more in a matter of minutes. When comparing a projector TV to a flat panel television, there are no complicated wires, wall brackets or tools needed.


Traditional television sets are prone to damage because they are heavier and often bulky. An HD home theater projector is less likely to be dropped on the floor during set up since it is so lightweight, which makes it easier to mount the device to a ceiling or to simply place it on a tabletop.


Projectors are known for the clear and bright images that surpass LCD and even certain plasma television sets. Each image is enhanced to appear natural and crisp for a high quality viewing experience. A home theater projector TV is an ideal purchase.

Screen Size

Unlike other television devices, a video projector TV allows you to have almost any desired screen length. You are not limited to traditional television standards because there are a wide variety of projector screen sizes to choose from to fit any room dimension.

Non-Personal Uses

The device is also perfect for on-the-go presentations. Business professionals, students or teachers can utilize this electronic device for a variety of real world applications. Savings are at an all time high when you can purchase a device that can meet your personal and non-personal demands.


Using a projector as your main source for television and movie viewing is cost-effective. When compared to a LCD or plasma television, a home theater projector TV results in a smaller cash outlay and delivers a picture quality that is as good as or better than the competition. This makes ownership more advantageous.

In addition, there are several different HD home theater projector models to choose from that can make the decision-making process easier. As a result, you are more likely to get every feature that you need for your projector.…

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The Delights And Perils Of Oil Rubbed Bronze Finishes

The Delights And Perils Of Oil Rubbed Bronze Finishes

Bronze finishes provide consumers highly versatile colors for cabinet hardware. This range of finishes can be utilized on classic and contemporary hardware designs for your kitchen or bath. In recent years, oil rubbed bronze finishes, in particular, have become extremely popular for kitchen and bath accents like cabinet hardware.

The savvy consumer should know that many manufacturers provide even, smooth bronze finishes designated as ‘oil rubbed bronze’ that are actually plated bronze finishes. Plated bronze finishes can be gorgeous and are optimal for those seeking a warm but uniform look.

The color, indeed the very textured aspect of a real oil rubbed bronze finish is considered ‘living’ and spans black to a golden brown coloration over time. Those desiring such an authentic oil rubbed bronze finish should be aware that it will change as the oils in your hands ‘ripen’ the finish of your knobs and pulls. This diverse patina can add depth and texture to hardware accents.

We can compare the living aspect of oil rubbed bronze finishes to yarn dye lots when knitting or crocheting. It has been suggested that yarn be purchased from one dye lot to create a better looking garment. With oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls, it is best to buy one or two extra items to carry your look into the future should a knob or pull have to be replaced or if additional cabinetry is added to your space.

We hope that this short article serves as a starting point for consumers to educate themselves on the range of bronze finishes and the pros and cons of uniform vs. living cabinet hardware finishes. Both purists who delight in the natural range of living finishes and those seeking consistency ought to clarify their selections with their hardware vendor and send inquiries to manufacturers directly if necessary.…