September 20, 2023

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet

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Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet I recently remodeled my kitchen and had a great experience in researching...

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet

I recently remodeled my kitchen and had a great experience in researching for the best suitable product for me. I started with making slight changes to my kitchen cabinets like, changing kitchen cabinet doors or other cabinet hardware but the research and browsing through different things about refurnishing kitchen made me pretty passionate about this job and I developed interest in it. So I ended up replacing all my, kitchen cabinet doors, cabinet knobs and every hardware, my family started calling me geek for it but it was a fun to do it.

So when I decided to redo my entire cabinet section, the first choice that I had to make was whether to choose unfinished or finished one, I started looking for clues and ideas about both types and decided to go for an unfinished kitchen cabinet, because unfinished kitchen cabinets gave me freedom to customize my cabinets according to my choices, I didn’t have to choose from a predefined designs, styles or color, It gave me opportunity to make my own designs, styles with my desired colors while finished cabinets didn’t give me this freedom. When I got up to the cabinet dealer he told me that people usually prefer unfinished cabinets due to same reasons.

So started with thinking of a design, style and color that suited with my apartment’s space and environment, I referred many catalogues and internet for inspiration and finally came up with a design, it was not something very modern looking, my design was more like an old classic English cabinets, with a sleek stylish look, I added some gloss coatings to give it a shiny look and asked my cabinet dealer for the best wood for my cabinets, he gave me a choice between Birch, Alder, Cedar, Para wood or ash, I went with Para wood because it gave my design a more mature look and Para wood was also suitable for the humidity and weather conditions of my location, next thing that I had to do was take measurements according to kitchens available space and the amount of cabinet space that I needed for my dishes and accessories, it took me a day for this work, I gave all the descriptions and measurements to my dealer.

I got my cabinets one week later and it was as good as I thought they would be and I thanked myself for choosing unfinished cabinets.

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