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Fire Escape Hardware for Quick Evacuation

Fire Escape Hardware for Quick Evacuation

Fires will destroy everything in its path and can have devastating affects to peoples lives, especially if lives are taken. Fires mature extremely fast, which means they can be hard to put out if quick action is not taken. Fires will trigger when sufficient levels of oxygen, heat and fuel exist simultaneously. House fires claim more than 500 lives a year. The majority of these fires often start between the hours of midnight and six in the morning. This is usually the times when people are sleeping. It can be hard to wake up during a fire as your sense of smell decreases and it is hard to smell anything at all. It is important that public buildings and home owners have enough fire escape hardware, especially public buildings as high proportions of people could potentially be within these buildings.

Safety is an important factor in our lives. Any commercial or public buildings such as schools, hospitals and work buildings must have sufficient fire protection. Fire exit hardware is vitally important within today’s society. There should be enough fire exits within a building, to provide safe exit routes for the number of people who could be using the building. Fire exits must lead to the most direct and safe route out. It is important that there is an exit route from every room so no one becomes trapped by a fire. Fire exits should have the correct signage and they must be easily visible. The door signs usually state that it is a fire exit and that the doors should never be blocked. The signs may also state never to open them unless there is a fire. These signs are usually made out of glow in the dark material, so that they can still be located in the case of power failure. It is important that regulations are followed when installing fire doors. Many companies supply fire exit hardware, however you should ensure that the fire exit hardware you are going to purchase complies with the latest standards.

Fire extinguishers are a common fire prevention tool found in public buildings and sometimes in homes. Fire extinguishers should ideally be placed where they are easily accessible, so quite low and somewhere where there is no obstructions to it. This could mean the difference from being able to prevent a fire or the fire spreading. Fire extinguishers tell you exactly how to maintain them on the manufacturers instructions. Fire extinguishers should be annually serviced with no exceptions. If a fire extinguisher is let off or used, then it will need to be recharged before use.

Fire escape hardware could mean the difference between you living or dying. Fire alarms are highly rated and should especially be situated in homes as this may be your only wake up call. The quicker you are alerted of a fire then the more chance you have of getting out. Your fire alarms should ideally be tested daily. Its not only injury and death which affects people from fires, but emotional and physical scaring can also be caused to. Fires will ruin everything they reach, which can make it even more difficult to cope with after a house fire. All belongings and memories such as photographs, furniture and technology will be destroyed. Rebuilding what has been lost is a long process. Insurance payouts can replace the luxuries of life but cannot return the lives of lost loved ones and the memories.