Increase ROI With GPS Tracking

Increase ROI With GPS Tracking

When it comes to industries relying on trucks to haul items or various products great distances, there’s too many to name. Trucks are more convenient than using trains because they’re more maneuverable: they can pull right up to do a docking bay and aren’t confined to a track. They are so widely used disputing their efficiency isn’t even possible. But recently, technology has given us a new, more efficient way to maximize the strengths of trucks, thereby increasing owners’ return on investment. This new method is known as GPS Fleet Tracking.

When an investor or CEO of a company puts money into their company, they need to know that their trucks will get to their destination in the time allotted, that they won’t run into any snags, and that every kilometer of the way is going according to plan. Otherwise, statistical projections won’t match up. If the bottom end of a company doesn’t deliver, it’ll affect every level of the business. Think of it as the trickle up effect! If the boss cannot depend on the accuracy of his plans because the trucks are unreliable, what is his planning really worth?

A brief outline of what GPS vehicle tracking systems can do for a company: they can provide instant e-mail alerts; while on the go, they provide statistical outputs concerning gas expenses, time-frames and alternate routes. This maximizes efficiency and allows businesses to deliver more products in less time.

There are other ways GPS increases return on investment. Climate plays a big part trucking. The winter can be icy, and roads, particularly in mountainous regions like the West, can be treacherous. Some trucks are better equipped for this than others. Getting the right truck to move in certain areas at exactly the right time is a feat of coordination possible with GPS.

This technology allows you to sit at your desk and see exactly where each truck is in real time. Over time, patterns will emerge as to which drivers consistently drive the most efficiently. Reward good behaviour, and learn about the trends of your business. This will curb wasteful idling time and optimize your gas dollars. Maximizing gas usage will not only save you money, but will reduce carbon emissions which are better for the environment. This is especially necessary if you’re in a business where carbon points are counted. Without GPS, this is at best imprecise, and at worst, impossible.

Finally, GPS tracking can alert the head office immediately when there is a problem with a specific truck. This saves time and money on maintenance, not to mention, good news for the person driving your truck for hours at a time. It’s hard to quantify morale, but surely their appreciation is worth something, and will in some way contribute to the betterment of the company.

As a business owner, after considering all these different points, how could you justify knowing about this technology and not use it?