Fast Fold Projector Screen – Why Would You Pay More For This Type of Portable Projector Screen?

Fast Fold Projector Screen – Why Would You Pay More For This Type of Portable Projector Screen?

A fast-fold projector screen is a type of projector screen that is created for easy portability, and is typically used for giving presentations, and at events such as school dances. They are fabric screens held up with a metal tube frame that folds up, so no need for a projection screen tripod like other portable projector screens. The fast-fold projector screens are made by Da-Lite who are known for creating very high quality projection screens. There are several advantages of the Da-Lite fast fold brand that you will want to consider.

Easy To Use

Fast-fold screens are easy to use. This is what has made this brand so famous. They are very straightforward to put together and take apart. You will not need to wait for them to inflate like an inflatable projection screen. The fast-fold brand is so perfectly named, you would be hard pressed to find a screen that is as easy to use.

Highly Portable

Fast-fold projection screens are designed for maximum portability. Not only are these screens easy to put together and take apart, but the way things fold, and are easily placed in a case adds to their portability. Worried that the screen might be too big to move around? These things fold up nice and snug.

Front And Rear Projection

There are front projection, and rear projection screens. There are even front and rear projection screens. You can adapt the screen for different types of projectors. You can get a screen for any situation. Be sure to check on the particular model you are buying, some may be front or rear only.

Interchangeable Screens

The material is interchangeable. There is an assortment of material colors available for different light situations, and viewing angles. The material can be easily changed in and out so you have the best projection screen for your situation. If your screen gets wrecked, no problem you can easily put on another one. If you are worried about ambient light or viewing angle, no need – simply switch screens by unbuttoning the current one, and buttoning up the new.

No Tools Required

Fast-fold projection screens can be set up without any tools. This is perhaps my favorite feature of these screens, you do not need to bring any tools with you to set them up like you do with some other portable video projection screens. If you forget or misplace a tool you will not have to go looking around for one. Just imagine you are out to give a presentation, and rather than rehearse your speech you end up spending an hour finding the proper wrench for your screen – that is a situation you do not want.