7 Tips to Protect Your Home: Door Locks and More

7 Tips to Protect Your Home: Door Locks and More

When it comes time to protect your home, don’t skimp on your safety. There are certain aspects to home protection that should not be overlooked. Read on to better understand.

1. Door Locks: Serious door locks can be bought at any online hardware store, but you may want to supplement a good lock with a storm door. This complementary barrier will further dissuade thieves from attempting to break into your home, especially if there are another couple of door locks on it.

2. Sensor Light: On your patio install a motion sensing light. This is a good idea for the front, back and sides of your house. A light timer is another good way to prevent criminals from thinking that no one is home. These are especially handy if you’re away on vacation. Set it for the evening hours and relax – no criminal will think the house is empty when the lights are on.

3. Window Locks: First floor windows should always be locked, and don’t take for granted that your windows on the second or third floors won’t be broken into. During the day if any windows are left open, no matter how high, breaking and entering is a cinch. Shop an online hardware store for window locks.

4. Yard: Trim your backyard hedges and bushes so there are no good hideouts for thieves.

5. Neighbors: Staying in touch with your neighbors will enhance your security. If something shady is going on, they’re more likely to call the cops if they know you than if they don’t. And leave your spare key with them instead of hiding it under the mat – burglars know where to look.

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6. Garage: Lock your car even when it’s parked in your driveway. If you have garage door openers in your car it’s a good idea to take them inside with you after parking.

7. Alarm: If you really want to feel safe without worrying, invest in an alarm. Critical access points are monitored and you will be alerted by the system if anyone attempts to enter your home.

These seven tips should give you a better idea of what to do to improve your home safety and prevent criminals from having the chance to break and enter.

Always check your door locks and handles to see that they function properly, don’t jiggle, and can’t be kicked off. Home safety begins with you – a lock is only as good as the person locking it.