Living Outdoors, For the Littlest Among Us

Living Outdoors, For the Littlest Among Us

I remember sitting in the folding chairs in my parents’ yard waiting for a hot dog to come off the grill. When my dinner was placed in front of me, it smelled great. But that was all I knew. The seat of the chair was too low for me and the table top was too high.

These days we can make sure that our little ones have the same creature comforts that the adults have. We’ve got jogging strollers and bicycle trailers so our kids can get in the habit of regular exercise and family fun. A young sports fan can sit in a little recliner and enjoy the game with the rest of the family.

So when we outfit our yards-the centers for family fun in our homes-we want to make them great places for our kids to enjoy, too. Yes, we outfit our yards with jungle gyms and wading pools. And when it comes time to buy some seating, we’ve got a huge selection of kids patio furniture to choose from.

If your tastes run toward the traditional picnic table, there’s a good selection to choose from-from weather-resistant plastic ones you see in neighborhood parks to a tiny wooden replica you put in the yard to seat the grown-ups.

Want to make a budding superhero or cartoon character happy? Pick some kids patio furniture that displays their favorite characters and makes them part of the fun. Check your local home improvement store, discount department store, and children’s specialty store for designs showing this year’s fad.

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What about a sandbox that converts to a picnic table when you put the cover on it? If you want to have a place for snacks and add an elegant touch to tea parties, you can get a wrought iron patio table that is the perfect size for a pair of princesses and their favorite stuffed animals. Choices like this give us kids patio furniture that does more than just handle lemonade and popsicles.

Another classic look has translated well into kids patio furniture. The classic Adirondack chair has been around for over a century, and if you’ve already got some outside, you can add some for the children in your life to enjoy. They are available in traditional painted wood, just like Mom and Dad’s, so you can order them in every color imaginable. Another classic is translated into kids patio furniture.

Full-size Adirondack chairs have recently become available using resin wood and recycled plastic, and the kids’ versions have followed suit. These, too, come in brilliant colors and are fade resistant. You can leave them outdoors and they need no maintenance, other than an occasional rinse with soapy water. You can find picnic table and end tables built just like the classic Adirondack chairs, in special sizes for the little members of your family.

Maybe your favorite little one likes to putter in the garden along with the grown-ups. Maybe you’ve planted a butterfly garden for them to enjoy, or they can pick tomatoes they planted themselves. If they want to wipe off their hands and enjoy the fruits of the efforts, check the choices in kids patio furniture for a miniature garden bench. You can find many styles in traditional wood with pressed-metal inserts showing the ABCs or garden animals.

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A more permanent choice for a child’s garden bench in poured concrete. Imagine the happy moment when a grandfather takes his granddaughter to sit on the bench that was added decades ago for her mother to enjoy. This kids patio furniture has made its way into family memories.