Ideas to Help You Choose Window Curtains

Ideas to Help You Choose Window Curtains

The window curtains that you use can completely change the way your room looks. So when you buy curtains for your window, keep certain things in mind: the texture and color of the curtains that you buy should complement the decoration you have in your home. You are bound to have great fun in picking your curtains and hanging them up.

How to Choose Curtain Textures:

The texture and color of your curtains should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the amount of light that you want to let in, the d?�cor of your room, and even the location of the windows. For instance, your children’s bedroom should have vibrant window curtains. And like most people, you may want to drape your living room windows with elegant curtains that are fashionable and delicate, to reflect your sense of style. In that case you should choose materials like silk and satin for your living room, and team them with tassels and ornate accessories for added elegance. Depending on the style of your windows, there are many kinds of drapes that you can choose from:

For formal windows, choose stylish French pleats that fall straight down. Box pleats can also be used with thin fabrics.

Beaded curtains are colorful options that will lend a bohemian look to your room. However if your purpose is to block out sunlight then these are not the best curtains to use.

Sheer window curtains are again not very effective for blocking out sunlight, but they lend a delicate air to the room. They also come in various colors. Using lace curtains is another option.

Heavy insulated curtains are also available for blocking out sunlight.

How to Choose Curtain Accessories:

Choose your curtain accessories with care. They should not only complement your curtains, but also the d?�cor of your home. There are different accessories that you can choose from. Don’t limit yourself to traditional window curtains.

Consider ornate cloth or metal valances to place across the top of your windows. They can even be used to conceal fixtures and give your window a clean, finished look.

You can also use cornice boards in a variety of styles and materials to hide window hardware. Wooden boards will lend a rich look to the window while upholstered cornice boards will add some color and warmth to the room.

Use tassels to tie back your drapes for a classic, flowing look.

Choose curtain rods that complement the room and the texture and color of your curtains.

If you are looking for window curtains to buy, you can let your creativity run wild. Have fun with the variety of choices available to you and change the boring old curtains that you’ve always had.