Adding Stylish, Elegant Audovisuals to Your Wedding Celebrations

Adding Stylish, Elegant Audovisuals to Your Wedding Celebrations

In the U.S., summer months are by far the most popular season for wedding celebrations. If you’re planning a wedding in the upcoming weeks and months, it’s not too late to add a dramatic and tasteful slide show or photo montage to your nuptial celebration. Here are some excellent tips for audiovisual support during wedding season.

Step 1: Get Started Now

Once you decide to create a photo or video slideshow, go ahead and reserve your rental projector immediately. After all, the only reason to delay this step would be if you were awaiting confirmation on a date, and most folks set their wedding date nearly a year in advance. Reserving a rental projector now means one more to-do item crossed off your massive list.

Step 2: Imagine the Outcome

One of the best ways to create audiovisual support that suits you personally and fits in with your celebration is to begin by thinking about how you’d like it to appear. Does your rehearsal dinner need a slide show to enliven the mood? Does the family of your betrothed wish to get to know everyone better? Do you need some kind of dramatic display at the reception, or the morning-after brunch? A montage can be just the ticket for adding drama, deepening rapport, filling in backstory, or providing a lively focal point.

Step 3: To Help or Not to Help?

Next, consider whether or not you’d like to delegate all or part of this responsibility (or simply collaborate with a partner or two) or handle it yourself. Odds are, there is someone in your family or close circle of friends who has a knack for (and love of) this kind of creation, and they would almost certainly be delighted to assist. Then again, you might prefer to hold the content a surprise and therefore keep it under tight wraps. The choice is entirely up to you, but be sure to consider your skill set – are you capable of putting together the kind of slide show you’ve been envisioning?

Step 4: Creating a Video Montage

This step may be somewhat time consuming, but it is often easier than it sounds. Even a person with no experience in this arena can create a stylish and sophisticated slide show relatively quickly and easily. First, gather all the images you’d like to use. If you plan to use baby photos and other older images, you will need to scan photos to gain digital images. Once you have all your images gathered, begin to put them in the sequence you desire. You may prefer to start with childhood and work your way forward to present day, but this is not absolutely necessary. Once you’ve got the sequence selected, consider what music you’d like to associate with the slide show, and gather those songs or soundtracks. Now you’re ready to begin assembling your slide show, so you’ll need some kind of software, which can be as simple as Microsoft PowerPoint. Add the images, ensure the order is correct, create an opening and closing slide, add transitions, and insert the music. Once you’ve reviewed your slide show and it meets with your satisfaction, burn it to a DVD (it’s a good idea to make at least one backup copy, though you may want a few extra copies for parents and other loved ones) and you are ready to go!

Step 5: Decide on the “When”

Next, it’s time to decide when is the most optimal time to showcase your slide show. For a slightly less formal wedding reception, you might consider letting the images run on a loop throughout the reception. Or, you may prefer to attract everyone’s attention and fun the montage just once during your rehearsal dinner. Depending on who is attending what event, it may be appropriate to run your slideshow more than once during the different festivities. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to make some notes about which events and at what point during the events (after the toasts, continuously, during dessert, etc.) you’d like it shown.

Step 6: Inform the Players

The last step is to inform the appropriate personnel about what you’ve decided. For example, tell the banquet coordinator at the restaurant where your rehearsal dinner will be held (and explain that you’ve already arranged for a rental projector, but you’ll need a screen or blank wall), the reception hall, the maid of honor, etc. Lastly, remember to bring the DVD (and a backup, just in case) or entrust this task to your most responsible friend or family member.

Your wedding is the most special time of your life, and when you choose to celebrate the occasion with images and visual memories, trust a reputable projector rental company to supply the equipment you need for your nuptial celebrations.