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ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP Projector

ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP Projector

This PJD5122 is a superb value buy for anybody requiring a practical light-weight and compact little mobile projector.

Utilising SVGA image resolution which supports HD signals, up to 120Hz frame rates, and with 2500 lumens, this projector produces vibrant, bright images on your display screen in a number of varied light settings. Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology ensures that your images are the best that they could be. There are 8 unique picture settings such as Whiteboard, Cinema and Daylight to be able to make it easier to obtain the maximum image quality from your projector.

There are various different pc and video inputs that will enable you to connect up to whichever source you might be using. This ViewSonic projector features both manual and zoom focus so that you can get a clear image.

Set up is straightforward, and the projector is easy to operate. For additional security, the PJD5122 includes a security bar, a Kensington lock port and a PIN lock function. For your own personal peace of mind, this projector is sold with possibly the best warranty on the market. It includes a limited parts 3 yr warranty and a 1 yr lamp warranty.

Do your little bit for the environment at the same time making use of the Eco mode – this particular feature reduces distracting noise from the fan, and in addition extends the life of the projector lamp by as many as 6000 hours!


One end user was pleased to find out that this ViewSonic projected DVD movies from his Xbox 360 Console in 16:9, and says that he has a superb home movie theater experience, and in addition uses it for video gaming.

Several buyers decided to put this projector to a number of different uses – such as the class room – and say it can easily operate for several hours without getting too hot.

A frequent remark was that this projector is simple to setup, begin using and connect with various laptop computers, sound systems as well as other equipment.

The amount of features as well as the superior quality of the images at this kind of affordable price tag was obviously a major plus for the majority of people.

Something else which was mentioned was the fact that you can view your images on screen even in a well-lit area, or perhaps even in daylight, but still obtain a bright picture, which will save you needing to darken an area prior to using it.


One frequent problem that some people experienced was the fact that power cable is simply too short for many uses.

Several individuals likewise weren’t pleased that there are not any HDMI or Component inputs.

An issue that appeared to crop up for a number of people was that the projector could all of a sudden stop the presentation and search for a signal at varied intervals.

Whether you’re delivering a presentation at a business conference, in the classroom or auditorium, both at home and on the go, this ViewSonic device is an ideal solution.…

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10 Reasons POS Software Is Better Than a Cash Register

10 Reasons POS Software Is Better Than a Cash Register

Here are ten reasons you may want to upgrade your outdated cash register with a computerized Point of Sale (POS) system:

Accurate Inventory Control – POS software can track store inventory much quicker and more accurately than cash registers.

Faster Checkout – POS software can interface with barcode scanners, which can scan inventory barcodes faster and with more accuracy during checkout which speeds up check out times and keeps you lineups shorter.

Barcode Labeling – When receiving your new inventory, your POS software can print barcode labels to attach to your inventory which will make it easier to track, count and sell.

Employee Time Cards – Some POS software packages will allow you to also track employee sign-in and sign-out times, also with the ability to scan employee cards for more accurate hour and wage tracking.

Customer Loyalty Cards – POS software can also track customers via telephone number, name, or even with a scannable loyalty card which can uniquely identify that customer, possibly offer certain discounts, track points, or just generally track customer buying patterns.

Significantly Better Reporting – Because POS data is tracked with more detail and accuracy, such as for example tracking the sale of specific inventory items with barcodes or such as tracking customer data more accurately, the reports that POS software packages generate are typically far superior to that of any cash register. This is due to the fact that POS software automatically tracks a much deeper set of information within your business compared to a cash register, but also because computer packages can generate much more sophisticated and useful graphs and reports.

Accounting Integration – Most point of sale software packages can also interface with the most popular accounting packages on the market quickly and seamlessly. They can generate export files and reports that can be imported directly into your accounting software which saves a lot of time on double-entry of data as well as makes things much more accurate.

eCommerce Integration – Some point of sale packages also interface directly with eCommerce platforms and websites which means that you can have a much more organized and accurate connection between your online and offline store.

Purchase Orders – You will also find that some point of sale packages also allow you to track your purchase orders for inventory purposes so that you can much more easily track exactly where you purchased each inventory item, for what cost, and make it easier for you to re-order products or even return products for service.

Increased Profitability – Although it may not seem like it at the initial stages of your point of sale software purchase since cash registers are typically less expensive than good quality point of sale software, once you actually factor in the time savings, improved customer experience, more accurate inventory, customer, purchase order and employee tracking and the much more useful reporting features of POS software packages – it is much easier to run a more profitable business with a point of sale package compared to a cash register.…

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Tiger Direct Taking the Computer Age to the Next Level

Tiger Direct Taking the Computer Age to the Next Level

Whether you are a computer gamer building your extreme machine, the IT professional, looking for hardware solutions for your networks, the Audio Visual, or lighting, technician on the road looking for hard drives, routers, wire, or connectors, all have come to know Tiger Direct.

But for the beginners or intermediates that don’t know Tiger Direct, this is a store that can offer all your computer solutions from a hardware prospective right down to the nuts and bolts. While other store chains offer accessories, very few offer the vast amount of solutions that this store can with competitive pricing, that will match, or beat, the big stores chains with their shear bulk, and volume, buying.

With that being said, however it is evident that the stores grass roots came from building computers to accessorizing them with peripherals, and networking hardware, for communications optimization, with all the necessary tools, and supplies, to complete the task through its entirety. But what is truly unique about the store is the wealth of accessories, gadgets, and brand names, such as Microsoft, HP, Compact, Logitech, Iomega, and NETGEAR, to mention a few.

Also unique is this stores ability to think outside the box by offering offbeat solutions like USB to HDMI convertors, VGA to TV convertors, wireless HDTV options, CD and DVD duplicators, to video surveillance, options for home owners, and small businesses all from one camera to multi camera packages. So if you are a do it yourself person, or a handyman, these options are very attractive, and simplistic, to install. For the person who wants small to large networking, or to incorporate both entertainment, and communications devices together wireless, or Ethernet, based, it’s all there for you with a multitude of options for you to choose from.

If you are interested in checking it out and can’t find a store location close to you Tiger Direct also has a large online presence in North America, and is specific to the United States and Canada, but also offers international solutions as well. The online store offers customer tracking on all orders, one, and two day, door to door shipping, and free shipping, on orders over a certain amount, however there is a weight restriction limit applied to the offer. For international shipping please check with representative as this may take longer due to international compliance, and customs.

So if you are looking at expanding on your entertainment needs to include communications, or doing home renovations and looking for options or a small business looking for presentation tools, or quick and easy IT solutions this store is an incredible resource to have now or reference to for your future growth.

Just recently they have included the full line of the power house series of HP, DV7, G70, and G60, laptops and Elite, dc series, Pavilion, and Compaq, desktop computers to choose from. As well as great deals on GPS units from Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Motorola, with some pretty incredible discount pricing that can’t be matched anywhere.

On a Personal note! This store has saved my life and got me out of some pretty sticky technical situations in the past with my extensive travel throughout North America, and they have never let me down by not having what I needed in stock at the time I have needed it. So, with that being said, I highly recommend that if you haven’t heard of this store get to know it as it will be the best friend you ever had in times of technical adversity.…

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Pico Projector Review – Everything You Need to Know

Pico Projector Review – Everything You Need to Know

My Pico Projector Review will quickly have you understanding what this popular piece of technology is all about. To begin, Pico Projectors are very small hand held projectors that usually fit easily into a shirt pocket or what have you. They belong to a group of projectors known as personal projectors due to their size and normal purpose of use. They are useful both for the person desiring to watch movies and for the business man who needs a portable device to show presentations and conduct workshops to small groups.

The projector is designed to project photos, documents in electronic form or video presentations from the source device to a wall. It has been suggested that eventually these devices will be become a normal component of many electronic devices. Today, their size and durability are an indication of the progress of technology since the first projectors were marketed 20 years ago.

Purpose of Pico Projector Determines Cost:

They are usually priced less than five hundred dollars. Choosing which Pico projector to purchase will depend on the specifications you require, which will depend on the purpose you have in mind for its use. You can read Pico Projector reviews to know what other users have to say on this. It may also depend on what the source device is that you will operate the projector from.

Operating + Image:

Most projectors can be operated from devices such as suitable mobile phones and laptops. Projection brightness however is a preferential choice against the size, battery life and weight of the device. Since they first appeared on the market, the Pico Projector has become brighter with a range of light sources including LED, liquid crystal on silicon (LICOS) and laser light sources. Each source provides a different quality of projection suited for its purpose. For example, some projectors are best suited to business presentations, but they can also project videos you can anticipate a poorer projection quality.

Pico Projection Quality:

The quality of projection of most of the devices will depend on the dimension of the room and the amount of light in the room or area being used to project the images. The projectors don’t have a zoom lens so they must be positioned to give the best possible projection quality. The audio on the devices are usually optimized to give loud or good quality audio in a small room presentation. It is important that if you plan to use a lot of audio in your presentation, or you want to watch videos using the projector. Reading a Pico Projector Review will give you various ideas on this front as well.

Pico Projector Accessories:

An accessory that may be very useful to buy with your Pico Projector may be a tripod to attach it to. Many brands are purchased with their own tripod in the original box, and it’s worth inquiring if one is provided at the time you purchase a projector. It provides stability to your device and ensures that leads and wires and other obstructions don’t interfere with the projector when it is operating due to its light weight. Also, according to other Pico Projector reviews both a doc adapter and an extra battery are also highly common accessories that customers find quite useful.

When a Pico Projector review is requested from customers, there is usually a positive reaction to their performance regardless of the brand purchased. Most consumers express their approval of the size of the device and its ability to project excellent quality images right on to just about any surface like your wall of ceiling even. Basically the Pico more than satisfies the purpose intended: to project!…

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Improve Your Life With A Mini Projector

Improve Your Life With A Mini Projector

Projectors are amazing items of technology and they are designed to visually displace images. There are many different kinds and sizes of the projectors and they have many different uses. One of the newest and most alluring types of these are the smaller sized ones. A mini projector is exactly what the title suggests; it is a smaller version of a regular projector. This makes it much more convenient for people to use and carry with them wherever they go. Imagine being able the throw images on walls wherever you go. It really is a privilege and something from the future.

A great use for one of these machines is for watching movies. Movies are a wonderful way to celebrate with everyone and to relax after a stressful day of work. When everyone watches movies together they are relaxing together and creating memories. There are many different types of these made for DVD use and some have ports to plug into a player while others have slots to put the DVD in itself. You can either buy your own DVD projector or you can rent them. The rental price will depend on the type of projector you want because certain types and brands will be more expensive.

I bet you are wondering what else you can use a proector (pj) for. Well, computer pjs are an excellent way to teach students in classrooms. These days a lot of school work is done on the computer and in order to children to be able to understand what is going on you will need to be able to show them how to get everything to work. Computer PJs are extremely helpful in this case because you can show them how to handle the computer all at once. Instead of having to describe the screen students will actually be able to see it. I know a lot of classrooms these days have computer PJs installed so that the teachers can teach more effectively.

The last type of common projector is a Data PJ. Data pjs are also useful in classrooms but they are more likely to be used in larger places like companies. Companies and corporations that need to be able to host presentations and meeting will most likely need data pjs to help them run these presentations smoothly. Data pjs are useful for slide shows, spread sheets and even documents. When you are in a large company and you need to be able to allow access to a lot of people then data pjs are the best option for you.

These projectors are all very useful but their efficiency increases when you decrease the size of the actual apparatus. For those people who need to use pjs often then should look into using a mini projector. Using a mini projector will be very useful because you can carry it with you everywhere. There is so longer a need to rent different types of pjs and you can comfortably use it wherever you need to. Whether it is for school, work or leisure a mini projector can be used to make life a little easier.…

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Used Computers Great For All Budget Types

Used Computers Great For All Budget Types

In some regards when it comes to buying electronics it is always seen to be the wisest choice to buy your software in a brand new state. Well, the same thing cannot be said about computers. Used computers are actually creating an affordable way for anyone who has ever wanted a computer but couldn’t afford the expense to be able to.

Typically whenever you hear about someone purchasing a used computer they will generally used the term refurbished to describe the machine. The main differences between these computers and the new computers you would see on the shelves in stores is the fact that they have been used before.

A lot of the people that generally turn their sights toward obtaining a used computer simply want to obtain the console to save themselves a considerable amount of money but still end up with a great console to use. However, before you obtain the first used computer that you set your eyes upon you need to ensure that the console will be of a great use to you.

In many cases before a used computer is sold from a leading retailer the operating system on the computer receives a variety of different upgrades to it. The hard drive which is found in the computer which stores all of the information of the user is also wiped clean in order to ensure the privacy of the person who used the console prior to you purchasing it.

It is a great idea to ask for some kind of restore disk for the computer console that you are purchasing. This way if anything ever happens to the software on the computer you have a way to provide backups of all of the programs that the computer is equipped with.

Some merchants are even more than obliged to offer warranties with their consoles. However, in many regards the warranties are nothing to be happy about they are relatively small and last for a mere 15 to 30 days after the date of your purchase. But, you shouldn’t let something like a warranty detour you away from obtaining one of these consoles.

Relatively speaking the only obvious difference between used computers and new computers is the fact that they have been operated on before. Someone else has already accessed the computer and used it for their personal affairs. But with these computers the only thing that you need to ensure is that it can still perform the tasks that you expect of it.

One could say that aside from the used computers being used, everything else on them is in tip top shape. Plus the expense for the system is lower than you would pay for a new computer, thus making these consoles even more alluring to the masses. There have actually been a lot of circumstances reported where people have announced that their used consoles performed better than someones new console.

Why spend a lot of money that you do not have for a new computer when you can obtain a used computer that works at the same if not better capacity as a new computer? The wise choice in this matter would be to save your money you would have wasted on a new computer and side with an old computer, as long as it does the job does it really matter if it was used or not?…

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Hire Projector to Give Your Presentation the X-Factor

Hire Projector to Give Your Presentation the X-Factor

With the facility of Hire Projector, today you are able to use this valuable piece of equipment even if your budget does not permit you to buy one.

Here are some good reasons to why you should choose a projector rental for an event:

Quality: All projectors at rental companies are the most recent models, user-friendly with very high specifications. They have sharp resolutions and are very bright featuring a minimum of 3000 lumens.

Checked: Every projector is checked and tested before it is dispatched on an order to a customer. This ensures optimum reliability. When shipped to each customer the package contains a content checklist, cables and manuals.

Delivery: Delivery of a Hire Projector is done the day before the event, giving you plenty of time to set up and test your projector before the inauguration of the event. Same day deliveries are available as well.

Think of a situation when a presentation could either make or break a business deal – this is when you cannot measure the value of a projector. A bad presentation will result in lost sales. Immaterial how you have prepared your presentation – whether it is with the help of images or text, it has to reach out to your audience effectively. You may have put in a lot of effort to do up a good presentation; however, in order to get the best out of it you also need a projector of good quality. Thus, the process of Hire Projector is vital for the success of your presentation.

The price of the rental will depend on the following specs of the projector:

Unit weight

Screen resolution

Lamp type

Bulb brightness

Projector brand

Type of lens

The above requirements should be considered according to the type of presentation. Discuss them with your rental company and choose the right machine for the event. If you plan to conduct your presentation at a number of venues, you then need to select a machine that will withstand transport. A number of features need to be considered before you settle in for a Hire Projector.

Another critical factor in a projector rental is the screen resolution. Resolution is the term used for the amount of light points that are projected onto the screen. To decide on the best projector will need to know the quality and age of the computer that you will use for your presentation. Newer machines will demand for higher resolution projectors, and the in-thing of today is digital projectors. Remember that the presentation will not project at all if the resolutions on your computer and projector don’t match. So make sure that you do your research well ahead of time.

Taking advantage of the facility of a Hire Projector helps you make quality presentations at a far less cost than investing in your own projector. Also, considering the amount of your usage, if you are planning to purchase a projector this is an opportunity to try out which brand in best for you. Cheap equipment will never help you make a quality presentation. Always select the best to retain a good company image.…