Projector Hire – Features to Consider

Projector Hire – Features to Consider

Think of all the times when a presentation could make or break a business deal or communicate information ineffectively or right on the mark. A bad presentation means sales or educational opportunities lost. Your presentation, whether it is filled with stimulating images and video or just the bare facts written in text, needs to deliver your ideas effectively. When you make a presentation, you need to consider more than just the content. If your screen and projector equipment aren’t high quality, the presentation will not finish well no matter what your content. Your audience will remember the sloppy technology better than they will anything that you had to say. Consequently, when you go through the process of projector hire, there are many factors that are important to include in your decision.

Specs like the unit weight, screen resolution, lamp type and bulb brightness, and brand of the projector and lens all make a difference in the price of your rental. You will need to consider whether you need the equipment to stand up to travel on a multi stop conference or simply in one conference area.

One of the more critical factors in projector hire is screen resolution. Nowadays, digital projectors are the quality standard. Resolution is the term for the amount of light points that are projected to the screen. To determine which projector you need, consider the age of your laptop. Newer laptops demand higher resolution projectors. The presentation might not project at all if the resolution on your computer and the projector don’t match. This could be an embarrassing mistake, so do your research well ahead of time.

With LCD projectors, the lens determines how bright your image will appear on screen. A zoom lens is available on most projector hire units, so you will be able to adjust the size of your image on the screen. Both plastic and glass lenses give adequate brightness for a quality presentation, but glass lenses weigh more.

In terms of image clarity, a glass lens is better than a plastic one. However, you need to consider if carrying the extra weight is worth it, especially since technology has crafted plastic lenses that are lighter and do just about as well. Projector hire companies offer small, effective projectors that can fit into a briefcase and weigh only three pounds. Remember that you will also have to carry connection cables, the projector case, and the operations remote with you as well.

Projector hire allows you to make quality presentations at less cost than investing in a projector yourself. It is also a good way to try a certain brand before you decide to make a purchase. You will never make a quality presentation with cheap equipment. Consider your needs, do your research, and let projector hire help you make your statement with flair.