Why LCD/DLP Projectors Are a Great Teaching Tool

Why LCD/DLP Projectors Are a Great Teaching Tool

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society we are constantly coming up with faster, easier, and more efficient ways to complete daily tasks. Teaching has advanced along with technology, and is making learning easier then ever. LCD/DLP projectors are an essential instructional tool that teachers can use while saving on educational expenses at the same time.

Imagine you are an instructor who has to train an auditorium full of students. What are some of the obvious problems one might encounter? For one, students may not be able to clearly see the presentation. As a result, they may become disengaged or confused. Science proves that our brain takes in and stores all conscious & subconscious, subtitle and overt nuances of all things seen. The ability to display several strictly related images to a large audience in a slide show or PowerPoint presentation will help achieved greater communication. Another option would be to search the web to inspire thoughts and ideas from students or you can play a movie which might relate to your subject matter, for example a documentary. Projectors enable the users to view uninterrupted high-definition content of an exceptional image quality without any distortion. For a younger audience such as an elementary class, you might consider playing a trivial game on screen that will not only keep students engaged but motivated as well. What a great way to keep a kids attention on the subject matter. You may also consider using a projector for homeschooling. You can write on a homemade screen then simply clean it for the next lesson.

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Interactive Projectors are immensely compatible as they can work virtually with all kinds of interactive software. They are lightweight and portable too. There are even pocket projectors you can carry with you. The screen for a projector can be a motorized wall/ceiling screen, inflatable, fixed framed or even your very own living room wall. Just use a special kind of screen paint for best pixel clarity.

Setting up a LCD/DLP projector is very simple. One way of using the LCD/DLP projector is to connect it to a laptop. This method is the most common and would relate to the examples mentioned earlier. You may also find it useful when connecting to a video camera as well. The option to stream a live demonstration to a very large audience is a great luxury. Facial expressions, eye contact and body language help achieve the communication needed between a teacher and student. If a dance instructor was teaching a dance move this would be a great way to show the whole class exactly how they move. These are just a few examples of why projectors are a great teaching tool. You may find several other advantages of teaching with a LCD/DLP projector on your own. Take advantage of technology today!