The Reasons to use a Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server located on the side of the provider that acts as a bridge between computer and network. In other words, you enter the address and port of the proxy server in the properties of the connection. Entering the address of the site, the request does not go directly, but through a proxy server, which processes the user’s request and forwards it to the destination. The site that you are requesting does not identify you as a visitor, it identifies you as a proxy server with its IP address and its location.

Surely many of you have visited such resources where your location, provider, operating system, and other parameters of your computer were determined. If there is nothing wrong with determining the operating system, browser, and other computer settings, many people are often embarrassed by the fact that their IP address, the provider and especially location were determined. So, the first reason for using a proxy server is anonymity, so that neither the site administrator nor other users will know where you are. You can buy the proxy servers through our website

Previously, the proxy server was used not as a method for ensuring the anonymity, but as a way for increasing the speed of the Internet and a method of saving traffic. A few years ago, Internet prices were very high, so some Internet providers made free access to some Internet services. Along with this, the proxy server served as a traffic saver keeping frequently visited user sites on its server for quick loading. Now, this type of local proxy servers is not practically used.

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The second reason for using a proxy server is visiting blocked or restricted resources. There are websites on the Internet that block user from getting full access to their site or to any of their functions by user’s country. For instance, if you live in Ukraine and you want to watch a video on a European site, but it is not available for users from your country, then using a proxy server from another country (access is open), you can watch this video. This is an example of limiting the functions of the site by the user’s country, but some resources completely block the site pages and using the proxy server will be a good choice for solving this issue.
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