Sweet Looking Web Design to Attract Audiences, Here’s How

Talk about Blog design, of course we are not separated from the names of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP codes. because of these 4 elements will create an attractive web design blog and of course will make blog visitors feel at home reading on our blog, we can get these sciences from tutorials that have been widely discussed by designer blogs. like we use bloggers, there are lots of tutorials that explain to make the appearance of the blog a good one, for beginners the very science of blog design is highly recommended after we know how to create content or articles that attract visitors. because we cannot immediately be satisfied with the design made by other blogs. You can also discuss more about SEO in with LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO who already expert it.

How to design a web or blog that is interesting info

But of course, there are certainly specific strategies to create a web or blog design to be interesting, these strategies can be said to make the appearance of the blog a user. the appearance of the blog is preferred by visitors. Actually, to get this learning is easy enough for those who want to explore. but in terms of elements we must pay attention so that all are truly users, here are the shells that must be done to make the blog design attractive.

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Navigation or link reference to go to another page, of course this is required, for placement, we can put it above the container or under the header or even in the last sidebar we can install in the footer. this is a good way to put navigation, but it needs to be considered again. For navigation, there are a few more elements below: how to place navigation that the user is frendly:

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a. Navigate to the page

Navigating to the page is good and interesting we place it above the header or under the header.

b. Navigate to the post or article

The latest navigation that must be applied to the navigation to the posting page or article. I always put this navigation in the sidebar, either the right or left sidebar. in principle, one will see the page that he opens starting from the header> post page or article> sidebar> footer. this cycle if we look carefully at the exact order as above, therefore to place navigation that is good for distributed articles so that all visitors know the contents of our blog. Usually the general navigation is filled with popular posts, recent posts or posts that are commonly installed by well-known blogs, for banner placements, social media, or even this blog roll regarding individuals who have blogs. because the banner installed is the blog admin’s full rights. but I suggest that the sidebar must be filled with the two widgets above so that visitors are not confused to see other posts.

The page leading to other posts can we place under the blog post called realed post. this is one of the seo onpage strategies to make it easier for visitors to see articles related to the topics that are open.

c. Navigate to the other.

For the next placement of difooter navigation. please place navigation that may lack important points in the footer, such as Facebook fans, plus Google fans or Twitter followers, this navigation is considered not to be noticed by search engines or search engines, but even if it has no value with good interaction with visitors it will make pageviews which is good when we spread links to this social bookmarking page.

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For example, we design it in such a way as to make visitors in our blog, interesting messages are certainly not free from good writing and grammar, choose user fonts like arial, tahoma, georgia, or readable fonts. Besides, we must also place the related post under the post as I said above.

In addition to this element, please post a comment board just below the post, so that each visitor can respond or respond to the articles we write, this will make it easier for visitors to directly interact well with the content writer.


For this point it really depends on all the topics or blog titles that are made, if we create a blog that discusses education, online stores, social media, it would be nice to give a bright and bright page color, why do I say it should be bright? we see professional sites always showing brightly on the page, and of course to have a very meaningful goal, of course, one of the goals is to make it easier for visitors to see other pages or articles.

of the 3 elements above if we want to apply to the blog or web that we build it will Create a Web or Blog Design Interesting and much liked by visitors, of course this is not easy to create if we never want to know about this.