Stewart Projector Screen – Is a Stewart the Best Projection Screen For Home Theater?

Stewart Projector Screen – Is a Stewart the Best Projection Screen For Home Theater?

The Stewart projection screen brand is recognized as being perhaps the best projection screen available for a home theater. The Stewart brand, especially the Firehawk projector screens have been recognized by home theater enthusiasts for being at the pinnacle of projection screen perfection. Stewart screens are available as both front and rear projection screens.

You have decided to build the ultimate home theater. You only want the best components so you decide to order a state of the art projector screen. This is where a Stewart screen such as a CineCurve comes in, and you will need a quality screen like this to get the most out of your projector. If you are looking to get the most out of your projector you cannot go wrong with a Stewart display.

Here Are Some Advantages Of A Stewart Projection Screen

The best projectors are extremely powerful, projecting against a white wall or a cheap matte white screen pretty much guarantees that you will not be able to get the best possible picture. The reason for this is that a better projector produces brighter images, and in order to get the best possible contrast ratio you will want to go with a grey screen, the projector screen material used in a display such as a Stewart CineCurve will enable darker blacks while the power of the projector, and the special reflective surface of the screen produces bright colors despite the darker screen color.

Another advantage of having a Stewart screen as opposed to some sort of white cheap projection screen is that it will be less sensitive to ambient light. You will not need to be frustrated if a little bit of light peaks in which can easily ruin the viewing experience with a cheap display.

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Stewart projector screens are used in many large theaters, and this is further proof of the high quality of this screen. In a large theater there is almost always some sort of ambient light to deal with, and these screens are able to handle it. This is the level of projection video projection screen technology that you could have in your own home theater.

The Only Real Disadvantage

The only real disadvantage of a Stewart projector screen is that for this level of quality you must be willing to pay a premium projector screen price. This is not a cheap projector screen. If you decide that you would prefer to get the most for your money, a Draper or Carada screen could be a better choice. Something to remember however, is that you will not need to upgrade this screen if you go for a more powerful projector, however to get the most out of a cheaper display you may have to.