Should I Create My Own Projector Screen Using Projector Screen Paint?

Should I Create My Own Projector Screen Using Projector Screen Paint?

Projector screen paint can be used as an alternative to a typical fabric screen. There are five questions that are frequently asked about projection screen paint, and they are covered here.

Why would I want to use Paint Instead Of A Fabric Screen?

The key reason why many choose to use projector screen paint is because of the cost. If you intend on having an extremely large sized screen, say over 110″ the costs for a fabric screen can be tremendous. Another advantage is that you can tint projector screen paint, and by doing this you can get a picture more suited to your personal tastes.

Can I Put The Paint On Any Surface?

Typically the paint can be applied to any smooth, paintable surface. Problems can arise with porous surfaces such as wood and gyproc. You will want to seal the surface with a primer, some specialized projector screen paints have their own special primer, but generally you will want to use a latex primer. Some projector paint packages will have their own base coat also.

Can I Just Use Regular Wall Paint?

It is possible to use regular wall paint, but this typically gives mixed results. The only advantage to this is the cost. The problem with regular paints is that they are not designed to reflect light in a specific way suitable for viewing as projector screen paints are, and the image could appear dull. Reading the results from those trying this approach across the internet makes success with this method appear like a crapshoot.

What Is A Good Type of Paint?

Perhaps the most recommended paint on the internet is Screen Goo. Screen Goo comes in a big kit with it is a base coat, and specific instructions to be followed. It is reasonably priced and can provide great savings over a fabric screen especially when used on a large area. The reported viewing experience appears to be very positive.

Should I Put Something Around The Screen Area To Make Viewing Better?

It is suggested that you surround the viewing area with black velvet. The properties of black velvet allow it to absorb excess light very well, and this improves the overall appearance of the image. If you are going to be using a HD projector make sure that the area within the velvet adheres to a 16:9 ratio otherwise there will be empty space above and below the picture.

Where Can I Find More Details About Projector Screen Paint?