Psychology of Sales: The Mindset of Success

Psychology of Sales: The Mindset of Success

It’s true – the most successful people all have something in common: they have trained their minds to focus on success.

Think about it, have you ever met a truly successful person who spent all their time focusing on problems, complaints, or what wasn’t working? Odds are, the most successful people you’ve met are focused on much more positive things: their goals or desired outcome, the action steps necessary to get there, problem solving, creating win-win scenarios, and much more.

We’re talking about more than just positive thinking or a good attitude – we’re talking about cultivating the mindset of success. This means surrounding themselves with positive people and masterminding with winners — people who are focused and connected. Additionally, most successful people do not allow themselves to be subjected to a lot of negative communication. Instead, they prefer to watch positive, uplifting films and television, and read personal development or motivational books and magazines.

Put simply, successful people eat, breathe, speak, hear and surround themselves with: success.

Additionally, successful people typically feel fairly neutral about failure. They understand that some failures are inevitable, and that failure is part of learning. When they fail, they don’t need to be ashamed or fall into a deep depression, they simply realize that they just found one of the ways that won’t work, and now they can look for a way that will work.

So how can you cultivate this mindset of success? Here are some tips:

1. Start a media fast. It’s true – the vast majority of media content is negative in nature, especially the news. Try putting yourself on a media diet for just one month – no news, newspapers, gossip magazines, horror movies – nothing that falls outside of the “motivational media” description.

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2. Read inspiring or uplifting books and materials. Check out the “personal development” section of your local library or bookstore. If that’s too far outside your comfort zone, stick with motivational biographies and non-fiction.

3. Set some powerful goals. Check out earlier posts on this blog for powerful goal-setting tips.

4. Start a mastermind group. Find a handful of likeminded individuals who are also committed to their own success and meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas and help each other be successful.

5. Focus on success. Imagine what it will be like when you’ve already achieved your goal, and focus on your own imminent success.

By following these simple tips, you will be on your way to cultivating a mindset of success.