Panasonic PT-AE3000U Review

Panasonic PT-AE3000U Review

The Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector is simply perfect. Right off the bat I can tell you this much, if you can afford it, this projector has proven time and time again that it is well worth the cost. If you want an HD 1080p projector packed full of special features so that you can have the ultimate home theater system, this projector will meet your needs nicely.

Apart from the intense crystal clear picture thanks mostly to the incredible black and colour levels, there are other features that you won’t find on many projectors. There were three that really stood out for me when I was reviewing the projector’s image. The first feature I was quite impressed with was the frame interpolation. Occasionally when you use a projector, you can notice a slight motion blur. The frame interpolation combats this by inserting three additional frames for every one frame that is used on a blue-ray disc. So instead of the original frame rate for the movie (which is generally 24 fps), the frame rate is boosted to 96fps. Since I’m a die-hard fan for tennis, this has remarkably improved the picture as the new frames can anticipate better where the object is going to fall.

The second feature I’m absolutely crazy about is the anamorphic lens emulation capabilities. Basically, you can re-size your projector image to the full 2.35:1 screen, without any gray letterboxes you usually get when using cheaper, poorer quality projectors.

The third feature is the split screen adjust. Basically, you can split your screen and on the one side have your constant, current image and on the other the adjustable image. As you change the colour information, you can see how your picture is being affected on the adjustable image. This is perfect if you’re happy with your current setting but want to see if you can better it.

The PY-AE3000U can be used in rooms with a little light. The picture is crystal clear; however, if you use this projector in a room with windows during the daytime, it may look washed out. This can be expected as the lumens for the Panasonic PT-AE3000U is 1600. This shouldn’t put you off though. With the correct adjustments, the picture can still be perfect for watching. In a dark room with a little ambient light, the picture will still be bright and crystal clear satisfying anyone who watches it.