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Is a HD Projector Or HD TV Better For Your Home Cinema?

Is a HD Projector Or HD TV Better For Your Home Cinema?

When it comes to outfitting a come cinema, one of the most enjoyable things about the process is the fact that you could potentially take a number of different routes. Rather than there being one, superior method of setting up a home cinema, there are actually many – each of which has its own set of pros and cons. For many, the biggest decision that needs to be made is whether to do with a HD projector or a HD TV. The answer will depend heavily upon the individual situation, as each option has its own merits.

Put simply, HD projectors are state of the art pieces of equipment that film and television buffs gush over. Not only are they capable of producing a picture that is of excellent quality, but they also bring the atmosphere of the theatre straight to your home – something that is much harder to capture with a more standard television. The issue, however, is that HD projectors just plain don’t fit in some rooms. In order for it to not look odd, an HD projector needs to be placed in a room that is devoted specifically to media. In this scenario, it can be very effective. However, setting up an HD projector in your living room can have a tendency to get strange looks. The other issue is that not only do you need a projector, but you also need a screen. This can run into quite a bit of money if one isn’t careful.

For most households, an HD TV is the more logical and preferred option. HD televisions are capable of producing picture and sound of extremely high quality, and can make all the difference in your home cinema setup. Add to this the fact that a Samsung LCD TV of theatre-quality can be purchased for less than five-hundred pounds, and the decision to go with an HD TV becomes a no-brainer. TVs tend to look far more normal in living rooms than projector screens, allowing you to set up your home theatre wherever you choose.

In the end, it all comes down to the type of room you are outfitting, and what your needs are. If you have the extra space and money it requires to set up an HD projector, then by all means take this route. Those who do not, however, will be just as happy with an HD TV.