How to Connect Your Playstation to the Internet

How to Connect Your Playstation to the Internet

Fans of the PS2 have plenty of reasons to be happy about the release of the PS2 network adapter that enables the PS2 to get connected online for more intense game play. Favorite games that were not available to be played online before are now available to be enjoyed by gaming fans all over the world. But how is this possible? And how does the PS2 connect to the Internet?

Gaming fans all over the world received the addition of online capabilities for the PS2 via the PS2 network adapter. This adapter is sold separately from the PS2 console and comes with an installation disc to adjust and synchronize ISP settings. But there are a few things you’d need to remember to successfully connect your PS2 to the Internet. Do you have the big PS2 console or the smaller one? Those lucky enough to own the smaller PS2 will have no need for the network adapter as this model is already equipped for online play.

An Internet service is obviously required to take advantage of this unique feature. If your home has an Internet connection that runs via a router, then an extra cable is all that is needed for an easy set up. Those without a router can still play online, but will have to disconnect their PC or any other device so that the PS2 can be hooked up online.

After purchasing a PS2 network adapter, set up and installation is easy to follow as the network adapter connects to the back of your PS2 with outlets for the phone line or Ethernet based servers.

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An 8 MB memory card is also required with at least 137 KB of space, as the ISP settings will be stored in the memory card. This will make it easy for the console to connect online as ISP settings need not be entered and re-entered every time online play is desired.

Once the PS2 network adapter hardware has been set up and ISP settings are configured and saved, you can now start playing online. The game must be online-capable and this can be checked at the bottom of the case.

Remember that not everyone might be playing the game that you want online, and that the newest games are the most in-demand. Try to keep up to date with the newest games so online gaming could be enjoyed to the fullest. Sports games such as NBA LIVE and MADDEN NFL are the most popular among gamers. SOCOM is also popular among gamers as this gives them the ability to wage battle against other players from the other side of the globe.

The PS2 network adapter is a great way to expand your gaming horizon by gaining the ability to play online using your PS2 console. It is also a great way to gauge talent and mastery of the game as players from around the globe are equally adept at playing the game and new tips and techniques can be learned.