Fashions 2010 – Creative Shapes in Cabinet Knobs

Fashions 2010 – Creative Shapes in Cabinet Knobs

Is it about time the cabinetry in your home gets a makeover? For many people, it’s been a while since their house has had a re-model done to it. This means some parts of your home may be starting to show their age a little more than others. One of the most common places that age is shown in the home is in cabinetry. The reason for this is pretty simple. That cabinetry gets a lot of use. Think of all the times that there are hands on the cabinets and handles, children leaning on them, hanging on the doors and other such activities.

This means your cabinets probably need a little love. This is why every year with your spring cleaning you should take the time to check the cabinetry. See how well everything is staying in place. Are there loose handles and cabinet knobs? Or even the doors coming loose? Are some of those handles and knobs wearing out? Well it’s time to make an action plan to fix up your cabinets and even make them a little more stylish while you’re at it.

First things first. You need to take the time to clean up your cabinets. Start by literally giving them a good cleaning, inside and out. Next, any of the hardware on doors and shelves that you found loose should be tightened up as well. Now it’s time to decide what you want them to look like.

Do you like the current color of your cabinets? If not, this is the perfect time to make a change. If you’d like a different finish on the wood or a different color of paint, decide on that now. Then decide on what hardware you want to go with them. This is where you can have a little fun. One of this year’s fashion trends is to have things that are unique in shape in your home. Most people just think this means an oddly shaped table or a chair. But, what better way to do this than with your cabinet hardware. Think of how interesting it would look to get rid of those plain round knobs and instead have knobs in a crescent shape, zigzag shape or other unique design. They will really make your cabinetry stand out.

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Now you may be wondering, where exactly can I find unique shaped cabinet knobs? Believe it or not, you’ll have less of a problem with this than you think. There are all sorts of fun and unique shapes on the market when it comes to hardware for cabinets in the home. It seems that the “variety is the spice of life” adage holds true when it comes to cabinet hardware. So, you won’t have any trouble finding unique designs. The trouble you may have, as a matter of fact, is deciding on which design is best for your cabinets. Look around and see what other design elements are at play in the room and you may be surprised how easy it is to choose some that will fit your decor.