Cabinet Knobs – The Interior Designer’s Candy Box

Cabinet Knobs – The Interior Designer’s Candy Box

I can’t decide which chocolate I want, so how do I decide on a cabinet knob?

If it’s time for you to freshen up your kitchen, you don’t have to start tearing out cabinets and pulling out the kitchen sink. You can buy a can of paint and to freshen and change the entire look of the room-make it richer with a deep color, or lighten it up with bright white or soft ivory.

Aside from painting the cabinets, which is a big, bold move, you can finish off a fresh now look for the kitchen with the right cabinet hardware. Choosing a new cabinet knob is like choosing the right piece of jewelry for an outfit. It enhances what’s already there, and it makes a statement on its own. Just as selecting your jewelry is a personal statement, so can the choices about the cabinet knobs you select when refreshing your home.

Where do you begin? Traditional styles come in styles with clean lines and no frills, or filigreed and embossed with geometric shapes, florals and vines, beads and ropes. Add a backplate to a simple knob and you’ve built traditional character into your cabinets. Maybe a ring pull or a tassel would be a good choice if you want to go with something other than the familiar cabinet knob.

If you prefer contemporary styles, there’s a world of ideas out there. Sleek geometry plays a big role in contemporary designs, so look for a cabinet knob in shapes like spheres, cubes, eggs, cylinders, cones, hoops, and swirls. If you prefer to soften the look of sharp geometric hardware, you can choose something other than a bright finish. Consider a softer metallic like brushed silver or matte iron, or in a warm color like copper or bronze.

If you’re looking for a cabinet knob in color, you’ve got lots of options. Granite, marble, glass, plastic, resin and even semi-precious stone are available in so many colors that you you’re bound to find the right mix for the new look for your kitchen. Want a little bling? Look for a cabinet knob with embedded rhinestones. Blend in or stand out-it’s your choice.

When you choose a cabinet knob, and you’ve got your design pinned down, consider the size of the cabinet doors and drawers before you buy. The scale of the knob is important for looks. You can buy matching knobs in different sizes to accommodate the different size drawer fronts and doors.

Before you make a final decision, consider the profile of the knob. A substantial sphere-shaped knob in granite makes a design statement, but what if it extends into the space that a drawer needs to clear when you open it? Is the cabinet knob easy for little hands to grab? Are Grandpa’s arthritic fingers able to grasp the knob? If you’ve got a linebacker for a nephew, can he slide his oversized fingers between the knob and the door? You want him to unload the dishwasher, don’t you? He’s got to be able to open the doors.

When you replace a cabinet knob, take a look at the length of the screws provided by the manufacturer. If they the same width or thicker, you’re in good shape. They’ll fit in the existing holes in the drawer fronts and doors, or you can drill the screw holes a little wider if you need to. Are the screws long enough to clear a raised panel? You’d hate to find your selection doesn’t fit after you bring them home. Do a little homework before you buy and you won’t be disappointed later.