Being Charitable With Old Cabinet Pulls

Being Charitable With Old Cabinet Pulls

Have you been plotting a kitchen renovation project? Are you wanting to rip out all about old hardware and the old cabinet pulls and replace them with something a little fancier and prettier? If so, have you considered what you’re going to do with your old hardware pieces?

A lot of people don’t even think about these old pieces of hardware. They just toss them in the trash as they put new pieces up on their cabinetry. But this is a huge waste on a number of levels. First, you’re adding more material to landfills. And when you consider that most cabinet pulls are made of metal, or least have metal in the center of them, it’s going to be awhile before those breakdown. Secondly, just because you’re sick and tired of seeing those same pulls on your cabinet doesn’t mean there isn’t any life left in those pulls as quite often, we change things out long before they need to be changed out. We usually do this for aesthetic reasons, because we just are sick of the look of those items. But, to someone who hasn’t seen them before, they could be brand-new and great pieces to add to their home.

So then, what you do with them? Well, there are a lot of options. First, you could go the route of giving them to someone you know who’s thinking of doing a home renovation job or selling them at a yard sale, a rummage sale or other similar type of event. But you can also consider giving them to a charity.

There are a few ways to do this. First, chances are there are plenty of thrift stores in your area that are run by charities. These stores are always taking donations. After all, that’s how they make their money. People will donate things they no longer need to the charity, which will then sell those items through their thrift stores making money to use for charitable purposes. So, you could just pack up all those old cabinet pulls you’re getting rid of and drop them off at a charity thrift store and they’ll put them up for sale.

Another option is that many Habitat for Humanity groups are always looking for things they can use in the homes. Habitat For Humanity is a charity that builds homes for people that can’t afford them. They are always looking for ways to make the homes they build more cost effective. If you have Cabinet hardware that is still in good condition, that’s money they can save from having to buy hardware for a home. You can call local Habitat for Humanity groups in your area to find out if they need these kinds of donations and where you can drop them off.

Instead of just tossing out those old cabinet pulls when you’re doing your home renovation project, why not do something good and feel good about it. Donating those old cabinet hardware pieces to charity can allow them to have a new life, instead of going to the landfill, and also make you feel good about helping someone who needs it.