Progress and Development of Technology-Sector Transport

The means of transportation is one means of communication that is very important in all things human activity. The more evolving means of transportation the more easily established human relationships. Since ancient times the mobility of human society has taken place. The movement of people from one place to another has occurred. The mobility of the population is also followed by the mobility of the goods carried by them. Therefore the means of transportation since the past has been needed by humans. At the present time where human mobility and goods are very high and occur not only within one region but also between islands and even between countries, the means of transportation plays an important role.

Transportation is the transfer of people or goods from one place to another by using a human-driven vehicle or machine. Transportation is used to facilitate humans in performing daily activities. In developed countries, they usually use subway and taxi. Residents there rarely have private vehicles because they mostly use public transport as their transportation. Own transportation divided by 3, namely, land, sea, and air transportation.

1) Land transportation car

Communities in the past used a modest means of transportation that is transportation tools such as Horse carriage and horse is a mainstay of transportation and popular in his time. Transport technology is still using the power of animals and humans. The ability to roam is also still very limited and requires a long time. Now people are still using the means of transportation but not the main tool. Often horses and Horse carriage are used as recreational facilities only.
Since found steam engine also developed another motor vehicle. Motorized transport equipment such as motorcycles, cars, trains is modern and much-loved ones of today. With these means of transportation, long distance can be reached in a short time.

2) Water transport

People in the past used water transportation such as rowing boats, rafts, and sailboats. Rowing boats and rafts are driven by the power of human labor. While the sailboat is driven by wind and human power. Along with the invention of motorized machines, people now use motorized boats and ships as a means of water transportation. Modern ships can carry tons of goods and can travel a great distance. Even now a large ship can be used as a base for fighter aircraft, this ship is a military ship called a mother ship.

3) Air Transportation

The people of old had no transportation in the air. Perhaps in the past, the most sophisticated air transport was a hot air balloon, and it could not continue to be depended on because of the small and dangerous carrying capacity because knowledge about climate and weather was minimal. Airplane travel is faster than land transport or sea transport. Now there are various types of air transport equipment such as helicopters, fighter planes, and passenger aircraft. Even now humans can explore the outer space using a spaceship.
It should be emphasized that technological development not only occurs in transportation but in all areas of life such as military, health, communications, etc. However, the development of this technology gradually has negative impacts such as air pollution due to the increasing number of vehicles. We must be wise in dealing with the development of this technology so that the impact can be minimized and we can also take the positive things.