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Buying Bathroom Hardware – What You Need to Know About Towel Bars

Buying Bathroom Hardware – What You Need to Know About Towel Bars

Towel bars are a valuable component of the bathroom. They are an accessory as well as a functional device. Selecting one that is of quality design and good craftsmanship will add to the overall look of the bathroom quite substantially and last for years to come.

Before you go to buy a towel bar or towel rack it is best to measure the area where you intend to put the accessory. That way you are less likely to buy one that just doesn’t work for your bathroom or that will require cutting and sanding from a professional contractor.

You want to put your towel racks in a few key places. First of all, it is ideal to have a rack right next to the sink if at all possible. This should be a small-sized rack, no longer than about twelve to sixteen inches in length, which you can use for a hand or face towel.

Other places that you may consider placing a towel rack or bar include the inside of the shower and somewhere within reach of the bath. If you decide to put a rack in the shower it should be high up and opposite the side where the shower head is located.

Most towel racks and bars are permanent items that are adhered to the wall using screws. If for one reason or another you are not interested in installing permanent hardware there is another option. This option is the towel stand. A square chrome towel stand next to the tub or shower can provide you enough room to hang three or more towels at a time of multiple sizes, and requires no permanent installation. When you want to move it somewhere else, simply pick it up and go.

The arms of racks, bars, and stands generally range in size from a minimum around twelve inches to a maximum of around twenty-six inches. Some come with one arm, for one towel, others come with multiple arms so that many towels can be hung at once. The multi-arm towel racks are great for small spaces where there may be nowhere else to store clean towels, and also make great drying racks for reuse. Additionally you’ll find that while most models are straight and immovable, some offer flexible arms that can be turned toward the user when desired. Those with flexible arms, typically, only attach to the wall on one side. For some homeowners this is a plus since there is less damage to the wall during installation.

Towel racks and bars are an important bathroom accessory. They don’t just look good, they also serve a purpose. You can use them to conveniently store clean towels, so that you can easily grab one when you’ve finished your bath or completed your morning face washing routine. You can also use these handy devices to hang a towel to try, if you would like to cut down on your laundry. Some people simply use them to display designer hand towels, for a touch of class in a guest bathroom.…