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Pests feed on the food that is available for them to eat inside your home. It is an essential to have a refrigerator wherein you can put all of your food which are already eaten or not yet eaten. Pests also love to eat crumbs and grease, which means you have to properly clean your utensils and tables if you do not want your family to have stomach ache . Pests also like to eat your pet’s food, which is why you should seal your pet’s food all the time. You can also put your pet’s bowl on a pan filled with water, making it impossible for the pests to eat on the bowl. A clean house is free from pests, which is why you should check every corner of your home if there are crumbs that can be a good meal for them.

Pests love wet surfaces. There are a lot of areas in your home that have wet surfaces, which should be cleaned regularly to avoid pests, such as your air conditioner, bathroom, and sink. Gutters also should be cleaned well if you do not want mosquitos to live inside these areas.
There are also containers where pests usually stay, which you should put away or cover to prevent them from living inside your home. If you have an attic or a garage, you should also check if you have open boxes that could be a good area where raccoons, cockroaches, and many other pests could stay. With the use of plastic containers with covers, you can have an assurance that your containers will not have any pests inside.

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It is also essential to trim your plants, especially if they are near your home. Trimming can help in preventing pests from traveling from the plant going to your home.
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Cover all the entry points that pests can use. You should be able to inspect the exterior structure of your home and seal entry points, such as pipes, doors, windows, and electrical conduits. You can use a good foam sealant if you do not want to spend too much on fixing. Applying weather stripping will also help you keep those pests out from your vicinity.
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If your pesticide is not doing its job well, it is the perfect time to throw it away. You should have enough knowledge about the pesticide that you are going to use before you apply it to your home. There are certain pesticides that are only good in eliminating specific pests. If you will still use pesticides that are not effective, you can actually hurt the environment and your pocket.