Optimize your Website by Create it With Unique Web Design

A good website display shows good quality. The website is not only about the content of information or content in it, but the appearance also plays an important role. The first thing that is seen when a user visits a website is the appearance of the website. If the appearance of the website is good, the user will not immediately switch to another website and may make them curious about what else is on our website then continue the search on our website.

Convenience in searching a website can be created with a good design. Website design can attract user attention so it does not seem bored and saturated. Here are some tips and tricks for designing your website pages.

Have a Unique Design

Make your website different from other websites. Try not to imitate many existing website designs. If possible, make your website the first website to use the design. You can change the shape of buttons, menus, images, or other icons to be a unique shape. By using LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design you can also get a unique and attractive design for your own web.

Adjust Color Composition

Color is very influential on the appearance of the website. Use color compositions according to the theme. Don’t put too much color into the website design. It is better if the composition of the colors is used consistently so that there is no color conflict that is not good to see. For example, the color used is the color used on the website logo.

Apply Simple and Consistent Design

Web designers are required to be neater and directed. The arrangement on the website is arranged so that it does not fall apart. Submission of information should also not be complicated. Create a design that is not excessive both in the arrangement and delivery of information. Information must be informative. To become a web designer requires good knowledge and analysis, you can get it all by learning from various sources of information or can take the Web Design Course.

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Consistency in designing websites can be illustrated both from the use of colors and fonts used. For example, for the use of titles used the Comic Sans MS font, then for the next titles also use the same font. The distance between lines is also considered and remains the same.

Semiotic and Ergonomic

Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with these terms. Semiotic is the study of signs. While Ergonomics here is the convenience and speed of the user in reading and tracing the contents of the website.

Take advantage of signs and images to support user understanding faster so they can easily understand. And set the size of the icons so that the display also looks better. For example, by using arrows as in the use of a link.

Those are some of the tips and tricks that I described above. Hopefully, it can be useful for readers.