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Strategies On How To Obtain A Very Good Quality Projector Ceiling Mount

Strategies On How To Obtain A Very Good Quality Projector Ceiling Mount

If you have a projector or TV set that needs mounting from the ceiling, then it’s likely that you are interested in a universal projector ceiling bracket that will meet up with all of your requirements. There are several steps that you can consider to ensure that you find a universal ceiling mount that is equally durable, as well as great looking. Here are a few suggestions that you can use to complete just that.

Search just for universal mounts. In case you are reading this specific article, without a doubt you are looking for a good quality universal ceiling mount. That means that you should definitely not settle for something much less. There are plenty of high quality universal ceiling supports, so you just need to choose the one particular made just for you and one that would meet your needs.

Do a thorough research. Make certain you are specific with your research criteria, because this will give you much more accurate results. For example, don’t simply key in “mount.” Alternatively you should key in “universal projector ceiling mount,” or something closely related to it just like “projector ceiling mount” and the like.

One more point you should do is to look for a manufacturer that offers its customers enough detailed information online in the form of videos as well as posts or articles. You shouldn’t buy from a company that does not make any hard work to reach out to their potential customers simply because they tend to make low-quality items.

You might also to take into consideration going around to the nearest or any local shopping center to search for the best and right kind of universal projector ceiling bracket for your needs. But keep in mind that you should always go for one that is most affordable and yet durable. But are you aware that sometimes local retailers charge much more when compared to online stores? So, it would also be a big help and very effective if you go online and compare prices, just to be sure you get the least expensive one.

Contact an expert. There are lots of websites which sell as well as install universal projector ceiling mount, and you should contact one of these website owners via email or perhaps telephone. Without a doubt, they will be more than happy to talk to you, along with look after any queries or problems that you might possess.…

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Have You Looked at Fasteners?

Have You Looked at Fasteners?

There are a lot of fasteners available for those of us who like to do a bit of DIY. If you are new to the DIY scene then you might find it all a bit confusing. If this is the case, then you will want to keep reading for some really useful information on choosing the correct fasteners.

Your biggest resource when it comes to things like DIY and fasteners is the internet. You will be able to find just about anything that you can think of. If you have a question, chances are that someone else has already asked that question and got a suitable answer. All you have to do is find that question and answer.

The key to finding things on the internet is pretty simple once you have the hang of it. It is all in how you phrase your search. If you are searching for how to do something specific you need to phrase it like a question. You should not use quotation marks though as others may have phrased the same question slightly differently and you may not get any results. The top results for your search will be the ones most relevant to your search keywords or phrase. You will need to take a look at the pages that come up and decide if they are going to be useful or not.

There are also forums where you can ask questions about how to use specific fasteners or what fasteners are going to be the best for your project and that kind of thing. You will get answers from a lot of different people. Just be sure that you choose a forum which is really active. You want to get your answers as quickly as possible after all.

The other important resource that you really must not overlook is the store clerks in your local hardware store. A lot of them know exactly what you need to do a certain job and will be more than willing to help you out. Again, all you have to do is ask. If the clerks do not know the answer they should be able to find out by asking around the store for you or taking a look at the packaging of the various fasteners that they have in the store.

When you really get down to it, it is actually really easy to get started on doing DIY projects. All you need can be found within a few minute of searching on the internet or a few hours by asking questions on forums. If those fail you can ask the people who run your local hardware store. If that also fails, then you are probably trying to do something that no one else has done and you are going to have to make use of trial and error to get everything sorted out. As long as you start with the basics you should be fine though. DIY is not all that complicated if you take the time to understand what it is that you are doing.…

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Use Curtain Tie Backs to Enhance the Look of Your Window

Use Curtain Tie Backs to Enhance the Look of Your Window

Curtain tie backs are useful window accessories that can be used to tie the curtains when you want the natural daylight to enter your room. In addition, it can enhance the look of your window treatment to add a stylish appeal to it. Several designs of curtain tie backs are available in the market and you can easily find one to fit your decor perfectly. You just need to do some research in order to get the most suitable accessories.

If you are looking to enhance the look of your window treatment using curtain tie backs, you will have two options to choose from. First, you can select the accessories that match with your existing window treatment to create a unified look. Second, you can choose complementary accessories that can help in bringing the specific elements of room together, instead of matching them with any particular aspect of window treatment. Your choice should depend upon the kind of look that you want to create for your room rather than buying any curtain tie backs just because they match with the colors of the curtains.

Certain types of curtain tie backs are permanently fixed to the window walls using screws. If you are opting for a permanent fixture arrangement, it is better to select a neutral design so that it works well with every curtain regardless of its design and pattern. Traditional or Vintage designs are a good choice for permanent fixture as they can offer a classic look that can last for several years.

Depending upon the style of hardware you choose, you will need to spend some time in installing it. Traditionally, these tie backs were made using high quality materials like wrought iron to offer high durability. Their modern day versions are very easy to install and they only need a small hook screwed into the wall. Although the latest designs of curtain tie backs are easy to install, they are not as decorative as the traditional pieces. However, there is no reason to worry as you have hundreds of modern designs to choose from.

People who love experimenting with the look of their room refrain from using a permanent fixture for their curtain tie backs. They always love to try new styles that match with their ever changing decor. There are many designs and patterns available to choose from. A new window treatment can immediately change the look and the feel of any room in your home. Curtain tie backs and other window accessories offer a wonderful way to enjoy a new style without spending much.…

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Projector Hire – A Great Idea For Small Businesses

Projector Hire – A Great Idea For Small Businesses

In your line of work, whether you represent your company in a lot of business presentations or you have your own products that you constantly market, you know how valuable a projector is. It is not enough to create streamlined graphic presentations, you simply need to acquire the best equipment possible. However, you might notice that even the most basic projectors cost a thousand dollars, how could you even keep up with the technological advancements that new projectors offer?

Why don’t you consider getting a projector hire? This would surely save you a lot of money in so many ways. First, it is not necessary anymore to buy your own projector and you only pay for the amount of time you use it. Over time, the projector wears off and reselling them might sound impossible because, when it comes to gadgets, people always want to buy the latest models. You also would not fuss about the maintenance and repair that comes in owning a projector.

Second, replacing them is just as tedious. The lamps by itself cost a hundred dollars. Imagine if you just shell out this money on the rental fee. Besides, companies who offer project hire, make sure that their equipment are up-to-date and are working at its finest. It saves you from worrying about installing or operating them because usually, they assign a representative to assist you during your presentations. Your presentation is a breeze and you could let them take care of those tangled wires that take so much time to fix.

There is a wide selection of projectors available according to your requirements and budget. Surely different clients require customized presentations. You know that some clients would be content with a simple and yet informative presentation and that means you could just rent a basic projector. Meanwhile, clients who are all for graphics and vivid image slides should require a more advanced projector. It means you could spread-out your costs accordingly. Imagine if you have to shell out on just one type of projector that wears out by the time you finish paying for them.

With all the costs and trouble that you save yourself with a projector hire, what more could you ask for? Imagine that when you finally seal that deal after the presentation, and you no longer have to worry that the money would just go to your bills payments for the new projector.…

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BenQ MX511 Projector – Reliable And Easy To Use

BenQ MX511 Projector – Reliable And Easy To Use

The BenQ MX511 Projector is not only a comprehensive product, but also a flexible device which you can put to use in your everyday life at home, education or business. You can easily navigate the menu screens and change settings according to your requirement. The MX511 comes with a number of integrated display functions and inputs in order to make your presentations smooth. The highlights of the projector – resolution, brightness and contrast – enable you to have the finest details in a full-screen presentation irrespective of the ambient light conditions. You will be able to employ this projector of BenQ in a wide range of applications because of the high picture performance quality that it ensures under many conditions.

BenQ MX511 Projector – Specifications

Projection System: DLP technology of Texas Instruments

Native Resolution: XGA 1024 ?� 768

Brightness: 2700 ANSI lumens

Lamp: 190 W

Life of Lamp: 4500 hours in Normal and 6000 hours in Economic modes

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Weight: 5.1 lbs

Dimensions: 10.4 ?� 3.9 ?� 8.3 inches

Image Size: 23 to 300 inches diagonal

Throw Ratio: 1.97 – 2.17 (50 inches @ 2m)

Zoom Ratio: 1.1: 1, manual zoom

Aspect Ratio: 4:3 native and 16:9 selectable

Lens: F = 2.51 to 2.69 and f = 2.95 ~ 24.18 mm

Video Compatibility: PAL, NTSC, SECAM

Warranty: 1 year

BenQ MX511 Projector – Features

Long Lamp Life

The lamp used in the BenQ MX511 Projector has a life expectancy of approximately 6000 hours when it is used in the Economic mode. This is twice the life expectancy of average lamps available in the market. You will not only change lamps less number of times, but also have minimal maintenance issues.

3D Projection Capability

DLP Link technology equips MX511 with 3D projection capability which will help you to experience the effects as in 3D movies. BenQ 3D glasses as well as compatible content have to be additionally purchased, but it is optional.

XGA Native Resolution

The BenQ MX511 Projector comes with XGA native 1024 ?� 768 resolution so that you can have accurate and crisp images when you do your presentations.

High Contrast Ratio

A contrast ratio of 3000:1 translates to not only razor-sharp detail definition, but also a broader range of color differences that are subtle. This makes your text cleaner, sharper as well as easy to read.


The lamp used in BenQ MX511 Projector provides 2700 ANSI lumen and it ensures a great viewing experience to you in small to medium sized rooms even in ambient light.

BrilliantColor Technology

The BrilliantColor technology used in BenQ MX511 delivers images that are true-to-life. The images have enhanced secondary color brightness and add to your visual enjoyment.

3D Color Management

This exclusive feature of BenQ MX511 Projector enables you to independently adjust the grain, hue and saturation levels of the six tones in the color wheel. You can fine tune the color intensity of red, blue, magenta, yellow, green and cyan so as to suit your preferences.

Other thoughtful features incorporated in the projector include the comprehensive HDMI connectivity, built-in 2W speaker which is good enough for most presentations and multi-function connectors. In addition to HDMI connectivity, you can use the S-video, RCA as well as component video inputs. Multiple computers can be connected to one BenQ MX511 Projector as it has dual PC input provision. This is a very useful when it comes to presentations. The audio jacks enable you to connect not only a microphone input but also external speakers.

The closed caption decoder which is built into the BenQ serves to convert words to subtitles which are then projected onto the screen. This is a very helpful feature that addresses the needs of viewers who have hearing impairment and language students. The high altitude mode, quick cooling option and Myscreen technology that allow you to personalize title screens with your video or pictures are also features that can be of great help to you.…

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Projector Ceiling Mounts

Projector Ceiling Mounts

In most boardrooms, you’ll find the projector permanently mounted, convenient, and ready for use at any time. They are either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. However, in a larger room that is routinely used for educational or promotional programs, ceiling-mounted projection is the best possible choice.

When the viewing audience is sizeable, all the space on the floor is needed for seats. Projecting from a roll-around cart has many disadvantages, not the least of which is the power source. On the other hand, with ceiling-mounted projection, it is always ready to use.

Your dealer should tell you whether the projector you’re buying can be viewed upside down and whether there is a mount for this particular model. If not, ask. Not all projectors can be ceiling-mounted.

Your projector dealer will have the kind of mount you need for ceiling-mounted projection and will be able to help you with directions for installing it. You may choose to have a professional installer do this work for you; however, many projector owners who are do-it-yourselfers do it themselves.

Physical Alignment

If you are unable to adjust the keystone of a projector, then this is vital. If the projector and screen are not “square” to each other or if there is significant deviation from the recommendations of the manufacturer, you’ll have serious and frustrating problems with adjustments and picture quality. You need to preplan. The location of the ceiling-mounted projector with relationship to the screen needs to be as precise as possible. Mark the spot once and then verify by going through all the steps again.

Again, if you’re doing this yourself, be sure to get the advice of an experienced technician who has done many ceiling mounted projection installations.

Convert Factory Installation Charts

There should be a chart in the box with your projector. Unfortunately, your equivalents might be different from the one shown so you’ll need to do the conversion for ceiling-mounted projection yourself. For example, if the chart shows 4:3 aspect ratio screens but your screen is 16:9, you’ll need to make that conversion. Your dealer should be able to help you with these calculations.

Attaching the Projector Ceiling Mount

In the first place, please remember that a ceiling-mounted projector must be solidly and securely mounted no matter what kind of ceiling you have. For example, if this is in a typical residence, the ceiling is probably drywall attached to strapping that is attached to joists. If this is true, mount to the joist! Neither drywall nor strapping is adequate to support a ceiling-mounted projector.

Some installers attach a A�” plywood support panel securely to the joists and then attach the mount to that. Be sure to use screws that are adequate to the job so your mount will be secure.

Mounting a ceiling-mounted projector to an upstairs floor or an attic floor requires the same steps but with modifications to fit the configuration. On the other hand, if the ceiling is concrete, six A�” sleeve anchor bolts are recommended.

Almost every projector ceiling mount can be attached through a suspended ceiling and to cathedral ceilings, but they will have special requirements. Ask your dealer or an experienced technician about such an installation.…