When You Might Need a Tulsa Criminal Attorney

People get themselves into trouble all the time and end up needing an attorney to get out of the jam they got themselves into. If a person has committed a crime or been charged with a crime, he or she will need a criminal attorney to help him or her. If a person commits a crime, especially a felony, in Oklahoma and need a Tulsa criminal attorney, there are many in the area that he or she can consult with. Sometimes a person may be looking for an expungement and needs an attorney to help.

What Crimes are Eligible for Expungement?

Every crime that a person commits can be expunged; it all depends on other factors which must be looked into. A person that has committed a non-violent crime, even if it is a felony is eligible to have that crime expunged. If a person has committed a misdemeanor, had no jail time and was fined less than $501, he or she is eligible for expungement also. Consulting with an attorney who is well-versed in the law will be the best action for a person to find out if his or her crime can be expunged.

Understanding the Difference Between a Pardon and an Expungement

Some people may think that a pardon and an expungement is the same thing because both serve the function to help a person restore his regular life in the community. However, a pardon is an official act of forgiveness offered by the governor of the State of Oklahoma (in this case), but the criminal act still shows on the person’s record. An expungement erases the public’s ability to see the record, so it is as if the crime never happened.

Getting More Information about Expungements

There are many other factors about getting a crime expunged that cannot be explained in one sitting. A person who wants to find out about his or her criminal records, and if such have been expunged should consult with an attorney. The attorneys can help the person to find everything possible that may be on his or her criminal record and should not be. For more information online, visit the website, http://www.tulsacriminalattorney.pro/defense-lawyer-blog/2017/05/expungement-tulsa-oklahoma/.